Monday, October 13, 2008

Back In Singapore

Ooooo..finally we survived thru the 12 hours flight!!!

Saturday was quite a rush morning as the plane from Bordeaux - Paris was delayed for about 1 hr. We checked in immediately at SQ counter when we reached Paris and went for a breakfast at MacDonald. If I have double checked the time, I wouldn't want to take any breakfast at all. J told me it was 1130am when he finished his burger and I have to rush again.

Daddy broke down with tears when he said goodbye at the Departure Area. Shannon gave J a big hug and a big kiss, asking J to take care of himself and drive slowly, and then she dragged my hand and proceeded to the Hall. I brought Shannon to the Boarding Area and heard the announcement on the SQ flight will be delayed for 1 hour. I was like @#$%^&* because we can spend another half an hour with Daddy if I we are informed 10 minutes earlier.

The flight took off 1 hour later and Shannon fell asleep right away. However, she only slept for half and hour and started to watch the kids movies in the plane. We did some coloring, sticker pasting, singing etc on the plane. She managed to sleep another 3 hrs before reaching Singapore. I only managed to watch 2 movies and had some cat nap. The tedious part was bringing her to the toilet because we failed to get the 2 seater seats. We did tried to change to 2 seaters at the check in counter but the staffs are unwilling to help at all. Thus, I tried my best to cut down the toilet visiting by "synchronizing" my pee pee time with her. We went to the toilet for 4 times altogether in the 12 hours flight. Not bad huh! ;p

We reached Singapore at 8am. While I was getting some duty free liquor, I heard some baggage announcement for Shannon Lee. I walked to the baggage area and realized that one of the luggages will be delayed and only arrived on Monday. Luckily, we have bought a travel insurance and thus we will be compensated with some cash ;p

After collecting the luggage, we went for breakfast at the food court at the Airport. Shannon was having good times with her yiyi-s and gugu-s while I was enjoying my fishball noodles. I went to my MIL house in the morning as Shannon's gugu-s are going back to Australia in the evening. After lunch, I went back to my mum's place and unpacked my luggage. I felt so giddy and took a 2 hours nap as well.

After nap, we started to webcam with Daddy. Hmm... Shannon was just too busy for her Daddy. I think Daddy must be sad... hehehe.. Whenever I asked her whether she wants to go home or see daddy, her answer will be

No.. He's too far away... I wan stay Yiyi's house. :S

Anyway, we had an early night on Saturday. Lights was off before 11pm! ;p

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