Monday, October 27, 2008


Last Friday evening, my friends invited us to their house for a gathering. I met this group of friends in France. We became very close and we maintain our friendship via msn and occasionally gathering. We had a great night chatting and so were the kids! The 2 older boys were the commanders giving task to all the little girls and boys in their "policeman games"

Oh.. I just realised the 2 "big boys" were not in the photos!! As they grow older, they became camera

Most of the kids except Shannon were all made and born in France!!! I was trying very hard that time to join them but only succeeded when all of them were 2 years old... hahahaha

3 friends commented ^_^:

renet13 said...

ohh sure great fun with all the friendship. Shannon looks so sweet & pretty in that yellow dress.

Something About Us said...

eh, so Shannon is not a S'pore citizen?

- Ling

Shannon's Mummy said...

@renet13 - Thanks!

@ling - hehehe Shannon is made in france but born in Singapore.