Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Volcano Dinosuar & Balloon Sculpture

We bought an Explosive Volcano for Shannon to "play". You have to pour in some water and the volcano will kind of "explode" and erupt. After about an hour of erupting, the small dinosaur appeared and 2 days later, the dinosaur grew bigger. Well.. too bad, it doesn't really amazed Shannon, maybe she is just too young or simply not interested. However, she will take the dinosaur and tell everyone...

YOU/xiaoyi/mummy 看, dinosaur is bigger now!!

Anyway, she is more interested in the Balloon Sculpture. She will helped to pump the balloon and even tried to twist it. I successfully twisted the teddy bear head and flowers. Well, you really need to buy the right expensive balloon to do the twisting and turning. My sisters bought a few packets from different places and most of them burst easily.

Look at how Shannon twisited the balloon without the fear of the balloon brusting.

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