Sunday, November 30, 2008

Last Tuesday, we went to Singapore Turf Club hoping to meet one of the cartoon characters in Madagascar. The event was between 5pm-9pm but we only reached there about 810pm as all of us could only make it after work. Well, we didn't get to meet any cartoon character nor getting any balloons (helium) for the kids. One of the reasons was because we were just too lost in the Big Turf Club!! Hahaha...

After walking around for awhile, Shannon kept pestering me to queue up for the kid’s bouncer and we did. We queued about 20 minutes and finally she got to play for 5 minutes and we took about 2 minutes to "catch" her out of the bouncer. I have to "drag" her away and kept on ensuring her that there are other rides to play. We took another 2 more kiddy rides and left the place at 9pm.

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