Wednesday, November 5, 2008

One of My Days

On normal days, I wake up between 730-745am in the morning, take a light breakfast before making milk for Shannon. At about 8am, I will wake Shannon up, getting her to drink the bottle of milk. After her milk, she will pee and I will help her to clean her face, brush her teeth, change her clothes and tie her hair. This will usually take up about half an hour depending on how co-operative she is. After which, I will change my clothes and do a quick make up before leaving the house.

Then, we will slowly stroll to her childcare centre. Sometimes it takes up to 20 minutes to reach her childcare centre as she walks very slowly. Luckily, I
do not have to reach the office at specific timing. When we almost reach the childcare centre, she will start telling me that she doesn't want to go to school. Today she told me she wants to go to another school. It's only her third day there! She reluctantly followed me to the door and cried for me after I left today.

I will walk for another 5 minutes to the bus-stop to wait for a bus to take me to the MRT station which costs me $0.71. Then I will take a MRT and alight at the 12th station which costs me $1.29. I will THEN need to take another bus and alight at the 8th stop for $0.31 and walk another 15 minutes to the building I am working. Most of the time, I will reach the office around 1030am which means half my morning is gone. :(

Anyway, you see the difference on the transport fees? It is $2.31 for 1.5hr ride on public transport vs $15 for 0.5hr ride taxi fares (off peak)!!!

I will usually ask the office colleague to buy lunch for me and I will just take 15 minutes to eat and start working again. Then I will leave the office at 5pm-520pm in order to pick Shannon up before 7pm. The childcare centres in Singapore will charge $1.00 per minute for being late when picking kids up. Then we will stroll back and reach home about 7pm-720pm.

I will then let Shannon take her dinner with the help of my mum while I go for my shower. After my dinner, I will bring Shannon for a shower although the childcare centre bathed her once in the early afternoon. I realised that the childcare centre did not do a good job showering her. I still can feel dirt at her pee area when I shower her in the evening. Yesterday, I saw red patches which looked like rashes on her body and arm areas as well. Poor girl have to go through all these because I have no time to take care of her in the day.

The rest of the night will be watching tv programmes or reading newspaper or entertaining her. I did try to go to bed at 10pm but she will refuse to be in the room as long as someone is in the living room and we always end up sleeping around 12am.

Sigh, I am missing my life in France again....

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Megan and Ryan said...

how come Shannon needs to attend CC in Spore?

renet13 said...

Thks God my girls childcare emphasize on washing their "pussy" every 4pm after teabreak as a practice of hygiene. The helper also bathe them in the afternoon. Each time i bath them after i pick them up latest 7pm (without additional charges)i will ask them hw the helper bathe them. they will show me the ways where they should scrub & wash & towel dry..emm quite impressive at least they learn a bit of indepence on their part.

Ling That's Me said...

sigh..that's life here lor :(

citygirl said...

I went through the same in last March but luckily I was not required to work at that time and I can full understand when you mentioned about lights in the living room. Can't ask people to go to bed at the same time right? I really hate that too. You just have to bear with it but then your stress level will mountain so try to find some hours off to go relaxing with your kakis. You need that girl!

Shannon's Mummy said...

@ selina - Oh.. I am actually helping my mother in law with her work. In order to do that, I have to send Shannon to childcare.

@ renet - Hehe...This few days her "pussy" is clean leh..

@ ling - ya lor.. one word --- TIRED

@ citygirl - sigh.. no time leh.. will be quite busy these coming few weeks.. :(

Bengbeng said...

the tired post, i cannot comment. the link doesnt seem to work. abt yr dilemma, if i were u i would keep quiet. it isnt important enuf. we mus remember a child is under their care for hours and we cannot fully monitor wat is going on. better not antagonize any body.