Saturday, December 6, 2008

Barney & Mr Men SHOW

Mr Men Show

Barney Show


Shannon only get to watch the above 2 shows on one of the weekend. The crowds was really crazy during weekend and I do not have time to bring her out during weekdays. The adults crowding around the area were all bunch of inconsiderate people. They wouldn't give way to the kids to walk into the viewing area nor letting the kids to stand infront of them to watch the show. I was quite pissed off at a moment and said loudly to Shannon:" Let's go baby, let the adult watch the barney show!!!" @#$%^&

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Megan and Ryan said...

I totally agreed! The ppl in sg are really inconsiderate and selfish when it comes to kids. To them the kids are the ones that should give way to the adults! Ridiculous!