Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Reunion

Finally, J was back yesterday.

We took 1 hour plus MRT ride to fetch J at the airport. Shannon was delighted when she saw him. She ran to him and hugged him really tight and refused to let go and J's eyes were filled with tears too. As for me, after I had got my big hug and big kiss, I was abandoned by both of them for the rest of the day. Hahahaha.. And Shannon transformed herself into a Kuala Bear and stick to her daddy whenever she could.

We reached home at about 7pm and J went to washed up and we went to a friend's gathering which was arranged 1 hour ago. He had brought something really special back for them and all our friends were called up instantly for a meet up. Initially, I was still worried that our friends couldn't make it as it was really a last minutes call up. Luckily, J's face was BIG enough to have all of them gathered or else "something special" will be really wasted. It was a really great and fun filled gathering which ended at 1130pm.

When we reached home, I brought Shannon upstairs for a washed up while J parked the car. After I had cleaned her up, she started to cry for her Daddy even though I told her that he will be back.

That is how much she misses him.

*photos will be uploaded later

Monday, January 19, 2009

2nd Last Weekend In Sin

Last Saturday, I brought Shannon to the swimming pool with my friends again. After swimming, we went for a Karaoke session at the Safra Club. The last time I went Karaoke was in 2004!!! Singing is one of my favourite past times during my young days. We really had a great time with Renee's and Jac's families.

On Sunday, I stayed at home and helped my parent with some spring cleaning at home. I must help as my mother had been helping me alot when I worked. Seriously, it was not easy as all the things do not belong to me and those who own it are not free to clean it. However, I really couldn’t help it but to try my best tidy it and clean it. At least now the house is more presentable and ready for CNY.

Today, I went for a blood test as my leg was not fully recovered. The pain on my calf didn't really go away and the doctor suggested a blood test. After the blood test, I brought Shannon for a hair cut with XiaoYi.

We reached home at about 3pm and my sister showed me some blisters on her hand and body and we suspected that she was having Chicken Pox. We went back to the doctor with Shannon and she was confirmed having Chicken Pox. After some advice from the doctor, I decided to take the Chicken Pox vaccination with Shannon despite it might be useless now.

Seriously, I never blame anyone except for my luck. I am angry with myself, with my f$%^&@#$ luck. If it happened 1 month earlier or 2 weeks later, things will not be so complicated. It's not a big deal getting Chicken Pox with all the advance medication given now. However, if one of us got it next week, our trip back to France will be delayed. J will have to go back alone and I will need to bring Shannon back on my own next month.

J will be back in Singapore tomorrow evening and I am not excited at all....

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Zoo Trip 11 Jan 09

After the doctor's visit, Shannon's fever subsided the next day. At the same time, my FIL called me and said that he got the Zoo Card. I observed her for 2 more days and decided to bring her to the Zoo on Sunday.

We invited my sis and her friend to join us for the Zoo Trip. I still find that it will be more fun if Shannon's friends are around. However, my sis and her friend had tried their best to entertain her and they had been a great help to me.

As usual, she spent the longest time at the water-playgound and this was the longest time I had spent in the Zoo. We reached the Zoo at 9am and only went home at 6pm.

On Monday, I brought her to the clinic for another urine test to confirm that she had recovered. I told Doctor about her bad habit of only urinating when she was really urgent. He said that this might be the cause of the UTI and asked me to monitor her urine time from now onwards.

Thursday, January 8, 2009


We planned to go to the Zoo today with Mai, Eddie and Brayden but were forced to cancel it as Shannon had a fever this morning.

At about 7am this morning while we were still in bed, her hand unintentionally brushed against me and I realised that her hand was hot. Then I touched her body with my eyes closed and realised that her body feel hot too. I quickly dragged myself up the bed and took a thermometer to measure her temperature and realised that she was running a fever at 38degrees. I woke her up and fed her with some fever medicine. After 15 minutes, she vomited her milk out and went back to sleep.

She woke up at 9am and fell asleep half an hour later. At about 11am, I went and take her temperature and realised her temperature had gone up. I woke her up to feed her with some ibufen thinking that it will help. I told her I might bring her to see a doctor if her fever didn't subside and she told me that she wanted to go HOSPITAL. Then she told me that her leg and throat was painful. I was worried that she had some throat infection or need antibiotic and decided to bring her to doc after her milk. She refused her milk after the first mouth and I started to change her to get ready to go out.

After I had changed her, I was helping her to wear her jacket and suddenly she just fell onto the mattress and start having fits. OMG! It was painful to watch. I had to remain calm as J was not around this time. I laid her on one side, put a small towel on under her mouth, held my tears and kept calling her name. She just laid down there clenching her fist, jerking her body and rolling up her eyes. It lasted for about 3-5minutes but it felt so long. When her fit was finally over, I shifted her a bit and she vomited some fluid out. As usual, she fell right into deep sleep after having fits. While my mum took care of her, I called my family doctor and was asked to bring her to the clinic. After 15 minutes, I called a cab to fetch both of us to the clinic.

While the doctor examined her, she vomited. I brought her to washroom to clean up and back to the doctor's room. He found no redness in her throat or her ears and asked me to try to get her urine for examination. I told Shannon that we can only go home after she pee and she did after about 10 minutes. Immediately, we were asked to go into the room and the doctor changed his prescription on the antibiotic as he said that her urine result has the sign of UTI. I still need to bring her back to take a urine test after she finishes her course of antibiotics.

I brought her to Supermarket to get some cranberry juice which I was told that it was good for cases like that. In the supermarket she vomited again, I cleaned her up and met my neighbour. She took care of her while I went to pay for the cranberry juice. She vomited again in the cab and luckily I had a plastic bag with me. I fed her with antibiotic and cough syrup after I reached home and she fell asleep right after that.

I fed her with fever medicine around 3pm after she woke up and cooked her some porridge then she took a short nap between 4-5pm. She vomited again during dinner time and her fever shot up. I fed her with fever syrup and went to buy the cooling pad for her forehead. Her fever almost fully subsided at around 930pm after I showered her. She asked for milk at about 10pm but refused to drink it after putting into her mouth. She told me she was worried that she will vomit after drinking her milk. ): She feel asleep at about 11pm and I fed her another round of fever syrup at 130am.

Today is 9th January, 21 days away from departure day and 12 days to J's arrival. I haven't had time to bring Shannon to the Zoo and we haven't done any CNY shopping. Finally I squeezed some time to bring her to the Zoo and she fell sick.

Within the next 11 days, we need to

Get some CNY clothing and shoes
Go to the hairdresser
Bring Shannon to the Zoo, Bird Park, Science Center and etc
Need to finished and hand over the work (which left only 7 weekdays)

Seriously, I prefer to do the first 3 things during weekdays because there are a lot of people during weekend during this period. I really hate to squeeze in the shopping centre/MRT/BUS and I hate the long Q at the cashier/taxi stand especially with Shannon along.

Haiz... Anyway, I prayed and hoped that today is the last SWAY issue both of us will encounter. I spent about $110 this week for the medical fees on both of us and if I am not wrong, I have already spent more than $500 on our medical bills for this trip. Well, even the nurse in the clinic also commented that Singapore hongzui (FengShui) is not good for both of us and we should go back asap...hahaha...

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Present For Shannon, Toy for Mummy

Last Sunday, I brought Shannon to visit her Grandpa and Grandma.
We took feeder bus followed by MRT and alighted at Tiong Bahru Station. We went to buy a cake for my FIL as his birthday is on 5th Jan. At the same time, I got myself more shoes from PedalWorks. After collecting the AngPao Packet for spending $30, we took a cab to Grandpa's house.

Grandma was not at home and Grandpa was busy spraying new paint for his furnitures because they are moving to a new house in 2 more months. Anyway, my FIL took out a present for Shannon.

Then Shannon started to play with it but I believe this present is too tough for Shannon and I started to help her. However, I couldn't find any "instruction/assemble" details in the box. ~.~ Therefore, I tried to fix it by looking at the pictures on the box.

And TADA... I made it!

Then, we put one AA battery in and it was successful! However, the flaw of this Creative Bricks is the power is not really strong enought to turn all the wheels.

Shannon, The Bully

Last Saturday, I brought Shannon to the Swimming Pool again. It was the third time we followed Renee to the swimming pool since Joelle is having swimming lesson weekly. Shannon is always very happy and excited when I tell her that we are going to swimming pool. She would "transform" herself into a good girl whenever we tell her that we are not going to the swimming pool if she is naughty. hahaha

Ryan Kor Kor loves her too because whenever Shannon is around, he does not need to swim 20 laps as instructed by his father. After Joelle's swimming lesson, they will play together in the pool for another half an hour before we bring them for a shower. We planned to go for Karaoke Session after dinner but plan was cancelled as Joelle was not feeling well. Therefore, we went home after we had our dinner at Jack's Place.

Monday, January 5, 2009


Last night, Shannon couldn't sleep well due to coughing. She was having slight cough on Friday night but it was kept under control with some left-over cough syrup. However, the cough became bad after we came back from my FIL's place. I believe that the cough got worse after she ate some prawn crackers and chocolates at my FIL's place. I brought her to see the doctor this morning and I took the chance to ask the doctor for more medicine for the pain on my left calf.


Life has been kind of "sway" to me since November 08. Stressful work was one of them. Lots of things are new to me and I have to learn and pick up fast but that is not the worse. The worst is that my health has been giving me problems too. I took about 3 weeks to recover from the bad cough in November. After recovering, Shannon fell sick. After she recovered, I sprained my neck and took about few days to recover. When I thought everything is over, I overstrained my left calf which caused me to limp badly on some days. It took about another 2 weeks to get better and insomnia set in due to the work stress last week and caused me to have throat ulcer. Just when the sore throat was getting better, the pain on my left calf came back again. You say sway or not?

However, despite my health issues, I made a point to bring Shannon out during weekends to meet my friends up and sometimes to J's family's gathering. I have been bringing her to the swimming pool (which she loves) with my friends' kids for the past 3 Saturdays. I am still looking for the perfect timing and the perfect company to bring her to the Zoo, Bird Park, and Science Center etc.

As usual, family members had been a great help during these tough periods especially during the pain on my right calf. Well, you have to admit that mother's love is the greatest love of all. Nobody can love you like they do. She helped me to feed Shannon and bathed her when I needed to work late despite the fact that she had been taking care of my niece and cooking for the whole family. She helped me to bring Shannon to childcare even though she had to bring my niece along and my sis helped me to bring her back home to minimize my walking when my calf is painful. I took cab almost everyday for the past 2 weeks as I really do not want to strain it further due to walking. My father had been nagging at me about going out on weekends which he felt I should have rest at home instead.

I dare not visit the Chinese Sinseh for my painful calf as other people, even the doctors said that they might use acupuncture on my calf or poke a needle into some veins and let some blood out. It's a joke right. After going thru 3 full cycles of Fresh IVF which added up about 6 months of self injections and countless of blood drawings and I am still afraid of needles! Sometimes I wonder how did I go thru the past few IVF? However, I seriously need to consider going to Chinese sinseh if my calf doesn't get any better.

Sounds unbelievable on how "sway" I am right. Well, I don't blame you cos you are not the only one who is doubtful about it. One of the reasons for not updating my blog so often for the past few weeks is "there are way too much of grumbling and complaints". In fact, I cried a few times over it because I just felt so helpless about being so "sway". I even got my mum to cook mee sua with 2 hard boil eggs which believed that it will change one's luck. It's just that I haven got time to go down to pray at the GuanYin temples.

Anyway, it's the beginning of 2009, I really hope everything will go smoothly from now onwards. I really want my life to be back to normal asap.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

GoodBye 2008 Hello 2009

Time flies, another year had passed. Shannon and myself spent our last day of 2008 and the very first minutes of 2009 with 2 of my good friends at Pasir Ris Park. The kids enjoyed themselves roller blading, skate scooting while Shannon tried her best chasing the 2 kors kors and 2 jie jie around. In the end, we got Ryan and Kai to buy some bubbles back for her to play instead of chasing them around. AT brought along some food and Brian bought some food back from Changi Village for dinner. We sat on the grass drinking sparkling wine and had a nice chat. We listened to "not so bad" live band as we were just sat beside the pub and waited for the countdown. The kids even danced along with the disco music!

At about 1130pm, we started to bring our kids for a wash up and waited for the countdown. We went home about 30minutes after the countdown and Shannon fell asleep immediately after the car started to move. ^_^

Lastly, Happy New Year to every one and may 2009 bring many opportunities your way to explore every joy of life!