Monday, January 19, 2009

2nd Last Weekend In Sin

Last Saturday, I brought Shannon to the swimming pool with my friends again. After swimming, we went for a Karaoke session at the Safra Club. The last time I went Karaoke was in 2004!!! Singing is one of my favourite past times during my young days. We really had a great time with Renee's and Jac's families.

On Sunday, I stayed at home and helped my parent with some spring cleaning at home. I must help as my mother had been helping me alot when I worked. Seriously, it was not easy as all the things do not belong to me and those who own it are not free to clean it. However, I really couldn’t help it but to try my best tidy it and clean it. At least now the house is more presentable and ready for CNY.

Today, I went for a blood test as my leg was not fully recovered. The pain on my calf didn't really go away and the doctor suggested a blood test. After the blood test, I brought Shannon for a hair cut with XiaoYi.

We reached home at about 3pm and my sister showed me some blisters on her hand and body and we suspected that she was having Chicken Pox. We went back to the doctor with Shannon and she was confirmed having Chicken Pox. After some advice from the doctor, I decided to take the Chicken Pox vaccination with Shannon despite it might be useless now.

Seriously, I never blame anyone except for my luck. I am angry with myself, with my f$%^&@#$ luck. If it happened 1 month earlier or 2 weeks later, things will not be so complicated. It's not a big deal getting Chicken Pox with all the advance medication given now. However, if one of us got it next week, our trip back to France will be delayed. J will have to go back alone and I will need to bring Shannon back on my own next month.

J will be back in Singapore tomorrow evening and I am not excited at all....

2 friends commented ^_^:

Ling That's Me said...

oh sorry to read about it and I hope you and Shannon will NOT get it!

Beanie Bunny Says: said...


Dun be so disheartened by the things that has happened to you! Look on the bright side.Theres also viruses running around over here.