Monday, January 5, 2009


Last night, Shannon couldn't sleep well due to coughing. She was having slight cough on Friday night but it was kept under control with some left-over cough syrup. However, the cough became bad after we came back from my FIL's place. I believe that the cough got worse after she ate some prawn crackers and chocolates at my FIL's place. I brought her to see the doctor this morning and I took the chance to ask the doctor for more medicine for the pain on my left calf.


Life has been kind of "sway" to me since November 08. Stressful work was one of them. Lots of things are new to me and I have to learn and pick up fast but that is not the worse. The worst is that my health has been giving me problems too. I took about 3 weeks to recover from the bad cough in November. After recovering, Shannon fell sick. After she recovered, I sprained my neck and took about few days to recover. When I thought everything is over, I overstrained my left calf which caused me to limp badly on some days. It took about another 2 weeks to get better and insomnia set in due to the work stress last week and caused me to have throat ulcer. Just when the sore throat was getting better, the pain on my left calf came back again. You say sway or not?

However, despite my health issues, I made a point to bring Shannon out during weekends to meet my friends up and sometimes to J's family's gathering. I have been bringing her to the swimming pool (which she loves) with my friends' kids for the past 3 Saturdays. I am still looking for the perfect timing and the perfect company to bring her to the Zoo, Bird Park, and Science Center etc.

As usual, family members had been a great help during these tough periods especially during the pain on my right calf. Well, you have to admit that mother's love is the greatest love of all. Nobody can love you like they do. She helped me to feed Shannon and bathed her when I needed to work late despite the fact that she had been taking care of my niece and cooking for the whole family. She helped me to bring Shannon to childcare even though she had to bring my niece along and my sis helped me to bring her back home to minimize my walking when my calf is painful. I took cab almost everyday for the past 2 weeks as I really do not want to strain it further due to walking. My father had been nagging at me about going out on weekends which he felt I should have rest at home instead.

I dare not visit the Chinese Sinseh for my painful calf as other people, even the doctors said that they might use acupuncture on my calf or poke a needle into some veins and let some blood out. It's a joke right. After going thru 3 full cycles of Fresh IVF which added up about 6 months of self injections and countless of blood drawings and I am still afraid of needles! Sometimes I wonder how did I go thru the past few IVF? However, I seriously need to consider going to Chinese sinseh if my calf doesn't get any better.

Sounds unbelievable on how "sway" I am right. Well, I don't blame you cos you are not the only one who is doubtful about it. One of the reasons for not updating my blog so often for the past few weeks is "there are way too much of grumbling and complaints". In fact, I cried a few times over it because I just felt so helpless about being so "sway". I even got my mum to cook mee sua with 2 hard boil eggs which believed that it will change one's luck. It's just that I haven got time to go down to pray at the GuanYin temples.

Anyway, it's the beginning of 2009, I really hope everything will go smoothly from now onwards. I really want my life to be back to normal asap.

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buffysim said...

Jas keep your chin up. I hope your calf recovers fast and 2009 turns out to be a great year for you =) Stay positive dearie! hugs.

Beanie Bunny Says: said...


I truely believe that u will be able to handle those sway matters n it will pass pretty fast like wind blowing you wif better luck in the coming 2009.=)

Think positive! Jia You!

Something About Us said...

let's us try to think positively, as my beg of year 2009 is not good too.

I sprain my back of my left shoulder yesterday and have problems sleeping, yawning, coughing...everything! Sigh!

let's jia you together!

- Ling

Megan and Ryan said...

hope everything will be fine for you in 2009 :)

big hugs!

Serene said...

yes !! 2009 will be a year for you.. your ' sway yun ' is over .. TINK POSITIVE.. :)

Shannon's Mummy said...

@all - Thanks for all the encouragement!!