Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Shannon, The Bully

Last Saturday, I brought Shannon to the Swimming Pool again. It was the third time we followed Renee to the swimming pool since Joelle is having swimming lesson weekly. Shannon is always very happy and excited when I tell her that we are going to swimming pool. She would "transform" herself into a good girl whenever we tell her that we are not going to the swimming pool if she is naughty. hahaha

Ryan Kor Kor loves her too because whenever Shannon is around, he does not need to swim 20 laps as instructed by his father. After Joelle's swimming lesson, they will play together in the pool for another half an hour before we bring them for a shower. We planned to go for Karaoke Session after dinner but plan was cancelled as Joelle was not feeling well. Therefore, we went home after we had our dinner at Jack's Place.

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