Thursday, January 8, 2009


We planned to go to the Zoo today with Mai, Eddie and Brayden but were forced to cancel it as Shannon had a fever this morning.

At about 7am this morning while we were still in bed, her hand unintentionally brushed against me and I realised that her hand was hot. Then I touched her body with my eyes closed and realised that her body feel hot too. I quickly dragged myself up the bed and took a thermometer to measure her temperature and realised that she was running a fever at 38degrees. I woke her up and fed her with some fever medicine. After 15 minutes, she vomited her milk out and went back to sleep.

She woke up at 9am and fell asleep half an hour later. At about 11am, I went and take her temperature and realised her temperature had gone up. I woke her up to feed her with some ibufen thinking that it will help. I told her I might bring her to see a doctor if her fever didn't subside and she told me that she wanted to go HOSPITAL. Then she told me that her leg and throat was painful. I was worried that she had some throat infection or need antibiotic and decided to bring her to doc after her milk. She refused her milk after the first mouth and I started to change her to get ready to go out.

After I had changed her, I was helping her to wear her jacket and suddenly she just fell onto the mattress and start having fits. OMG! It was painful to watch. I had to remain calm as J was not around this time. I laid her on one side, put a small towel on under her mouth, held my tears and kept calling her name. She just laid down there clenching her fist, jerking her body and rolling up her eyes. It lasted for about 3-5minutes but it felt so long. When her fit was finally over, I shifted her a bit and she vomited some fluid out. As usual, she fell right into deep sleep after having fits. While my mum took care of her, I called my family doctor and was asked to bring her to the clinic. After 15 minutes, I called a cab to fetch both of us to the clinic.

While the doctor examined her, she vomited. I brought her to washroom to clean up and back to the doctor's room. He found no redness in her throat or her ears and asked me to try to get her urine for examination. I told Shannon that we can only go home after she pee and she did after about 10 minutes. Immediately, we were asked to go into the room and the doctor changed his prescription on the antibiotic as he said that her urine result has the sign of UTI. I still need to bring her back to take a urine test after she finishes her course of antibiotics.

I brought her to Supermarket to get some cranberry juice which I was told that it was good for cases like that. In the supermarket she vomited again, I cleaned her up and met my neighbour. She took care of her while I went to pay for the cranberry juice. She vomited again in the cab and luckily I had a plastic bag with me. I fed her with antibiotic and cough syrup after I reached home and she fell asleep right after that.

I fed her with fever medicine around 3pm after she woke up and cooked her some porridge then she took a short nap between 4-5pm. She vomited again during dinner time and her fever shot up. I fed her with fever syrup and went to buy the cooling pad for her forehead. Her fever almost fully subsided at around 930pm after I showered her. She asked for milk at about 10pm but refused to drink it after putting into her mouth. She told me she was worried that she will vomit after drinking her milk. ): She feel asleep at about 11pm and I fed her another round of fever syrup at 130am.

Today is 9th January, 21 days away from departure day and 12 days to J's arrival. I haven't had time to bring Shannon to the Zoo and we haven't done any CNY shopping. Finally I squeezed some time to bring her to the Zoo and she fell sick.

Within the next 11 days, we need to

Get some CNY clothing and shoes
Go to the hairdresser
Bring Shannon to the Zoo, Bird Park, Science Center and etc
Need to finished and hand over the work (which left only 7 weekdays)

Seriously, I prefer to do the first 3 things during weekdays because there are a lot of people during weekend during this period. I really hate to squeeze in the shopping centre/MRT/BUS and I hate the long Q at the cashier/taxi stand especially with Shannon along.

Haiz... Anyway, I prayed and hoped that today is the last SWAY issue both of us will encounter. I spent about $110 this week for the medical fees on both of us and if I am not wrong, I have already spent more than $500 on our medical bills for this trip. Well, even the nurse in the clinic also commented that Singapore hongzui (FengShui) is not good for both of us and we should go back asap...hahaha...

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citygirl said...

Sorry to hear that Shannon has fits again. May I suggest you not to feed her milk during this (vomitting)period as their body cant absorb milk most importantly, feed her with lots of fluid and light food. It will takes about 1 wholeweek before full recovery and dont worry she will be up and lively again.

You may also consider a trip to the Guan Yin Temple before the departure as its always better to have some blessings than none.

Megan and Ryan said...

Jas, good luck will come knocking on your door soon! Don't fret!

Hope that Shannon gets well soon. Btw, u ever brought her to see chinese sinseh about her fits? Marine parade has a very good well, if you need the contacts, let me know :)

Take good care and big hugs to Shannon!

buffysim said...

I think the humid air and pollution in Singapore is causing Shannon to fall sick easily too. Keep your spirits up Jas, things will start picking up soon! Hugs!

Nicole said...

Sorry to hear that both you and Shannon keep on falling sick upon coming home to singapore.

Hope that Shannon will get well soon. To enjoy CNY. :)

Shannon's Mummy said...

@ citygirl - Thanks for the advice..

@Selina - About the chinese sinseh.. nvr leh.. guessed she inherited from her father cos he oso had febrile fits when he was young.

@Dawn - Thanks, dear.

@Nicole - Thanks!!!

Mummy to QiQi said...

probably both of u are so used to France's air?? hope shannon will get well soon.