Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Zoo Trip 11 Jan 09

After the doctor's visit, Shannon's fever subsided the next day. At the same time, my FIL called me and said that he got the Zoo Card. I observed her for 2 more days and decided to bring her to the Zoo on Sunday.

We invited my sis and her friend to join us for the Zoo Trip. I still find that it will be more fun if Shannon's friends are around. However, my sis and her friend had tried their best to entertain her and they had been a great help to me.

As usual, she spent the longest time at the water-playgound and this was the longest time I had spent in the Zoo. We reached the Zoo at 9am and only went home at 6pm.

On Monday, I brought her to the clinic for another urine test to confirm that she had recovered. I told Doctor about her bad habit of only urinating when she was really urgent. He said that this might be the cause of the UTI and asked me to monitor her urine time from now onwards.

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Ling That's Me said...

my kids like to play at the Kidzworld too! it's so much fun! :)

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