Friday, February 20, 2009

Daddy's Birthday

2 nights ago, we celebrated J's Birthday with a couples of friends. It was a simple celebration with "Mee Hun Kuay" for dinner. I got Shannon to bring out the cake to Daddy and she kept saying " Mummy, it is heavy". I am so worried that she will dropped the cake.. hehehe


Last Saturday, we went to Gourette snow mountain with some friends. It was a one day trip thus it was quite rush. We started off at around 7am and reached there about 11am.

Shannon looked super happy and excited when we reached the destination. She immediately started to pick up the snow when we stepped out of the carpark. We stopped her as the snow looked dirty around that area. We walked to the place where we could have some "snow slay". Shannon didn't seem to enjoy this time round and our slay overturned twice as the snow was quite hard and bumpy.

After playing a few round of snow slays, we started to have small snow fights followed by the sliding down the snow from a height.

After about 3 hours, we decided to drive back home. I changed Shannon to dry clothing and gave her a bottle of milk. Within 5 minutes, she dozed off and fell asleep. We went to Cresendor for dinner and reached home at around 8:30pm..

It was a nice trip but it would be even more wonderful if it really "SNOWED"...

Window 7 Beta

At last, the PC and internet connection are up and running. However, J changed the operating system to Window 7 beta which I have problem uploading the photos properly. It seems that picasa is having problem running on Window 7. I can upload and view the photos but I cannot edit the photos. Once I do editing, the picasa program will hang. Any good recommendation for digital photo organizer?

The uploading part is another hassle; I couldn't rename my photos properly using the window upload program. Although Window 7 beta looks sophiscated but I still prefer Window XP which is more stable.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


We are still tapping neighbour's internet to keep our msn online since the day we arrived. The technician will be here on Wednesday to check the internet connection. If the problems lies with the wiring outside the house, it will take us even more weeks before we get ourselves permanently connected. I have not uploaded my pictures into the new PC as it was not fully setup. Without pictures, I really don't know what to blog. hehehehe..

Shannon started her Nursery 2 weeks ago. As for myself, I have been doing last minute winter sales shopping which ended last Tuesday. It was just so irresistible as the clothes during sales were really cheap.

Shannon is having her 2 weeks school holidays now. She looks really happy and contented to be back in France. Whenever we go out, she will make sure that we will "GO HOME" after that. Last week, we visited the snow mountain at Gourrette and I believe the kids had a great time playing the the snow and slay. Well, photos will be uploaded when internet and pc is up...

Monday, February 2, 2009


After J arrived, we had been busy having gathering with friends and relatives. We had also been busy buying things back here, thus I did not have time to blog at all.

We arrived back HOME yesterday afternoon and learned from our friends that a big storm or small cyclone happened last week. We saw a lot of trees were uprooted, fallen traffic lights and fallen electrical wires, broken signboards on the journey back from the airport but luckily no one was hurt over here. My friends said some of the fallen trees even hit the house. Some of my friends got affected and had no electricity for 40 hours! They had to go to MacDonald when the night falls and sleep with more clothing as the house heater was down. Some of the bricks had also fallen down from their roof.

When we reached home, our satellite disc had fallen on the roof but luckily never damage the roof. Our garden was in a mess, our garden table, chairs, kids playhouse, slides was blown from one side to the other side of the garden. Our internet connection was down and I am tapping friend's line now. To make things worse on the first day of our arrival, the milk powder cover in one of the luggage broke and spilled all the powder all over the clothes which took up about 2 hours to clean up. I will continue blogging and updating my "back-logs" whenever I have time or connected.

Opps... my French neighbour just knocked on the door and told me that our garage door was blown open and he helped us to close it. He asked me to check whether anything is missing.... *_*