Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Look how she walk!!!

Princess Shannon playing hopscotch!!

Two weeks ago, there was a series of carnivals going on in France. It was some kind of celebration to wards off evils before Easter Day?? I am too sure even though I have searched the internet.@_@

Anyway, Shannon and her friends were asked to dress in Costumes and celebrated the occasion after the school hours. I believed the kids had enjoyed the day with the dancing and food shown on the videos and photos above. :P

Shannon's Tantrums

This is what Shannon do when she is unhappy...

Monday, March 23, 2009

Happy Birthday, Shannon!!!

Today, our dear precious Shannon turns 4. As usual, we had a birthday celebration for her and it was held yesterday.

We started preparing the food on Saturday and woke up at 7am yesterday morning to cook the food. J was in charge of the Roasted Pork and Cha Siew while I fried the rice, Bee Hoon, Vegetables and deep fried the fishballs, hotdogs, nuggets, Ngoh Hiang and Longon Jelly. We bought some cold prawns, oysters and Roti Poulet(Grilled Chicken) to complete the buffet. Frankly speaking, we are quite amazed that we did all that ourselves. :P (anyone needs food catering?)

We were quite disappointed when we saw the cake. The decoration of the cake wasn't per our request. We even gave them the picture below and thought that they will do something similar

I had specially purchased the 3 princess topper online to put on the cake as the cake decoration over here are really normal. Luckily, the cake tasted really good so we weren't so pissed off ^_^

Our dearest Shannon was dressed like a princess and looked really happy during the celebration. The following 2 slides are photos taken during the party. Thanks Eddie for being the photographer of the day.

I would also like to thank all our friends for the gifts and for attending, making the party so memorable.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Photos Taken for the past few months

One sunny saturday, we decided to bring Shannon for a swim at La Teste Indoor swimming pool but only realised that the swimming pool was closed as it was damaged by the storm few months ago. Thus, we went for a Mac Donald Breakfast and met Serene Leong and decided to go for cycling at Archacon.

One fine afternoon, we brought the kids to Macdonald for lunch after their school and Shannon met her first "boyfriend". Initially, the boy was pretending to be a monster chasing the girls around but later turn to kiss them on their cheeks. Avril shoved him off but Shannon allowed him to kiss her on the cheeks. @_@ After that, they started to hold hand and played together. Then the boy brought Shannon to his mummy and told her that they are married. -_-'

Back to Gym Class. This was the first time she attending the gym with her friends. And we parent sat outside and chat for an hour...LOL

Back to her Dancing Class. Shannon was really happy to wear her Ballerina Costumes. I hope she can catch up all the dancing steps before the performance in June.

Hehehe.. This "Lou Hay" photo should be up long time ago...

Friday, March 13, 2009

Au Revoir, Serene

Today, Damian, Baby Daylen and Serene went back Singapore for good. We first met on the plane and later she told me that I am her secondary schoolmates. She remembered me as I was one of the Prefects in the school. (That was like more than 10 years ago!!!) :P I don't have any idea who she was as she was 2 years old younger than me. Hehe

Well, the world is so small or we called it Yuan Fen? We even stayed harmony together in one house for the first few months. All the kids love her as she is always smiley and she is also one of the most patience mummies.

Anyway, we had organized a Farewell dinner for her last week. I believe all the ladies had really enjoyed that night. WHY? Because all the kids stayed at home with their Daddy and thus we really had a GREAT night chatting, eating peacefully!!!

We are going to miss you, Serene. I bet Shannon will be missing Baby Daylen too.. Hmmm.. Maybe you will change your mind and come back again at the end of the year? hehehehe Anyway, see you back in Singapore soon.

Photos Taken In Singapore

Dinner with Gong Gong's Family in Jurong Hill Top Japanese Restaurant.

Meeting up with Johnny, Lily & Asher who returned back to Singapore for good.

Photos of J & Cousins

A Family Photo with Uncles, Aunties & Cousins

Reunion Dinner in Imperior Treasure Restaurant at Great World City.

Grandma's aka Shannon's Great Grandma's Birthday

The First Day of Chinese New Year

A Walk at Chinatown

A Reunion Dinner in Yan Ting Restaurant @ St. Regis Hotel. This savoury dinner cost SG$2000!!

A Long Waiting Reunion between Shannon & Daddy.

A Dinner with Che Che Jonathan & Anna