Friday, March 13, 2009

Au Revoir, Serene

Today, Damian, Baby Daylen and Serene went back Singapore for good. We first met on the plane and later she told me that I am her secondary schoolmates. She remembered me as I was one of the Prefects in the school. (That was like more than 10 years ago!!!) :P I don't have any idea who she was as she was 2 years old younger than me. Hehe

Well, the world is so small or we called it Yuan Fen? We even stayed harmony together in one house for the first few months. All the kids love her as she is always smiley and she is also one of the most patience mummies.

Anyway, we had organized a Farewell dinner for her last week. I believe all the ladies had really enjoyed that night. WHY? Because all the kids stayed at home with their Daddy and thus we really had a GREAT night chatting, eating peacefully!!!

We are going to miss you, Serene. I bet Shannon will be missing Baby Daylen too.. Hmmm.. Maybe you will change your mind and come back again at the end of the year? hehehehe Anyway, see you back in Singapore soon.

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