Friday, April 10, 2009


I woke up this morning and realised that her pants were wet!!

Yes!! Shannon wetted the bed!!! -.- ' @#$^&*

She had been potty trained since 2 years old. She NEVER once wetted the bed and I thought I was one of the fortunate mummies who didnt have to clean up pee mess. -.-

Well, she is still sleeping with her wet clothes as she was crying when I picked her up from the floor. Right! She fell down from the bed and luckily she was not hurt as it was kind of slow fall?? I questioned her when I touched her pants and asked scolded her why she wetted her pants and why she never go to the potty. She started to cry and J said let her sleep awhile more before waking up her to change for school!

I am worrying now. Will there be 2nd episode? 3rd episode blah blah blah

Arrrgghhhh, I really hate to clean up the pee mess... :(

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adrianlee said...

It's normal for kids. sometimes they're just too tired or in a deep state of sleep to be aware of what's coming.

Mummy to QiQi said...

sigh....same here. qiqi was potty trained so many years ago. and recently she started to pee in her pants in school, and even at neighbours home! &%#@$%^!!

Lily Ann said...

I guess it's normal. Athena just wet her bed about a week ago too! -and she's 7!
Put the rubber thing under the mattress cover.

Nicole said...

Hi Jas,
While Claire is still not toilet trained at night, I think it's really very common/normal for kids to wet their bed. I've ever read of teenagers wetting their bed, let alone little children.

Yes, I can totally understand the hassle and irritation when have to clean up the pee mess and wet bed. LIke what your friend suggested, put a rubber mat below.

The only 'consolation' that I've yet to toilet train Claire at night, is , I'm afraid that she will wake up and make so much noise and wake Cleo Up! haha... But that's an excuse lah, I guess I'll have to do that soon.

Anyway, check with you, how many times does shannon wake up to pee each night? Claire drink ALOT ALOT of water and each morning, her diaper very very heavy, so I'm pretty sure, she'll sure miss a few times and pee on bed. Any suggestions?

Shannon's Mummy said...

Thanks for all the suggestions :P

@ Nicole - Shannon wakes up once a night to pee or sometimes she just sleep thru. Just make sure they don't drink too much water before bed and also ask them to go to pee before bed. Initially, I did put something below her to prevent bed-wetting but it was kind of useless as she toss and turn at night unless I lay the whole bed.. :P

Maybe you can train her w diaper on? Emphasize on how smelly her diaper is when she wakes up in the morning? We did that last time and it works on Shannon. She is the one who refused to put on the diaper during the night.

Hope it helps!