Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Kid Parc Again!

Yep.. We went Kid Parc again on Wednesday. In France, the kids only go to school for 4 days a week and Wednesday is not a school day. Since we couldn't book any slot for them in the crèche, we decided to bring them to kid parc instead.

As usual, the kids had a great time and I managed to capture some nice photos for my dear girl.

I said strike a pose and she lifted up her dress....@_@

She claimed that she was a mermaid when she was lying in the pool of colourful balls .. =.='

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Rice Dumpling

I went to Serene's place to learn to make rice dumpling from her mum. I only wrapped 4 of them which took me about 45 minutes and I gave up....I even brought the 4 of them back to cook at my home in case all the ingredient drop out from the leaves during the cooking. Hehehe...luckily, all were "well-wrapped" and the end result looks like ....

Hahaha.. I guessed I really don't have the talent to do it. However, the rice dumplings still taste very yummy despite of the look.

Kudos to Serene's Mum!! ^^

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Exposition D'Art

There was an Art & Craft Exposition in the school on 14 May 2008. The Exposition displays the arts and craft done by the kids for the past 8 months. Shannon had only a few pieces of masterpiece as she was in Singapore for 3 months.

J even rushed down immediately after work just to have a look at her precious daughter's masterpiece. ^^

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Window Arts

Since Avril was at our house last Sunday, I decided to let the girls do some art and craft. I took out the paint art we bought from Creative Art Corner @ Causeway Point few months ago and they started their work.

Finished Projects proudly presented by the girls!

Monday, May 11, 2009

We Knew Our Baby Shannon Is Growing Up When....

She insisted to take the boat ride ALL BY HERSELF!

She raised both her hands when she was riding ROLLER COASTER! *_*

2 weeks ago, we went to the Kids Parc with our friends again. Well, we bought the season pass so we should make full use of it. Anyway, this time J was with us since it was a Sunday.

I was happy when I saw Shannon enjoying herself under the sun but I am really sad when I looked at myself in the mirror. Although I did put on sunblock SPF50 and wore hats, it didn't stop the sun from further tanning my already-tanned skin.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Le Vide Grenier

VIDE GRENIER in french means empty attic or car boot sales. In another word, it was "second hand market" held by the local communities in France. Normally when there was Vide Grenier around our area, we wives would meet up and wandered around the area hoping to buy some cheap clothes or toys. This time round, we actually participated in one of the Vide Grenier 2 weeks ago around Irene's place!!!

One day before the Vide Grenier, we ransacked our garage to dig out all the things that we no longer use/need to sell at the Vide Grenier. Well, it was -more or less- giving away our unwanted things because most of the things were priced at 50cents euro - 5 euro. Those bulky item like television and fans can't even fetch a good price. We got rid our 29 inch CRT TV at only 20 euro with my friend chipping in a 14 inch TV!!! *_*"

It was definitely an extra-ordinary Sunday for all of us. In fact, the kids enjoyed more than us running around and playing together.

And yes, we are going do another Vide Grenier on 17th May at Lac Magdelene!! Although I don't really have much things to sell :P