Thursday, May 7, 2009

Le Vide Grenier

VIDE GRENIER in french means empty attic or car boot sales. In another word, it was "second hand market" held by the local communities in France. Normally when there was Vide Grenier around our area, we wives would meet up and wandered around the area hoping to buy some cheap clothes or toys. This time round, we actually participated in one of the Vide Grenier 2 weeks ago around Irene's place!!!

One day before the Vide Grenier, we ransacked our garage to dig out all the things that we no longer use/need to sell at the Vide Grenier. Well, it was -more or less- giving away our unwanted things because most of the things were priced at 50cents euro - 5 euro. Those bulky item like television and fans can't even fetch a good price. We got rid our 29 inch CRT TV at only 20 euro with my friend chipping in a 14 inch TV!!! *_*"

It was definitely an extra-ordinary Sunday for all of us. In fact, the kids enjoyed more than us running around and playing together.

And yes, we are going do another Vide Grenier on 17th May at Lac Magdelene!! Although I don't really have much things to sell :P

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