Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Gala De Chambrelent 2009

Last Friday, Shannon's school had a celebration which was held annually a week before the school closes for Summer Holidays. As usual, we sent them to school in the morning for some games organised by the school, then we picked them around 1pm and sent them back at around 3pm for the event which we were invited to join in. During the gala, the kids had a series of performances. They sing and dance together! The school had done a great job by combining different grades students to dance and sing together. Below are some of the videos taken on that day.

Video 2

They actually learned a few English songs from the school. The Rainbow Song, How's the weather, Head & Shoulders, Knees & Toes are some of them. Few days ago, Shannon actually started to sing "The Rainbow Song" which really impressed J and myself.

It was really fun to watch the kids perform. They looked so innocent and cute when they dance and most importantly, they seems to enjoy it! ^_^

Agnes, their teacher cum School Principal will be retiring this year. The kids sang her a farewell song in the following video and we brought a Swarosvki Necklace for her which she puts it on during the gala.

Talking about gifts, the culture here is really different from Singapore. If I am not wrong, Singapore Teachers are not allow to receive gift (over a certain amount) from the students. Over here, we are expected to get it for the teachers as an appreciation gift at the end of every school term!

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Megan and Ryan said...

wow, the school principal looks good! very funky!