Thursday, July 16, 2009

Finally Moved

We finally moved to a new house on 14 July 2009!!!

On 13 July, we went to the new house to sign the Tenancy Agreement. The moment I stepped into that house, it reminded me of the Disco Pub. Yes, the whole house smelled like Tobacco!!! I believed that the previous tednant smoke in the house all day long that actually created such a strong Tobacco smell. I am wondering whether there is any Air Freshener that can be spray on the wallpaper.

After signing the Tenancy Agreement, we rushed down to Archacon to collect the Truck we rented for the next day... We had a quick dinner kindly prepared by Irene and went back to the new house to wash the floor while Shannon stayed with her. Initially we planned to move some of our stuff over in the evening but was canceled due to bad weather. We spent about 2-3 hours washing the floor and windows and “scooping” the water out of the house. Well, there isn't a single drainage point in house except for the bathtub. We only picked Shannon up at 11pm and went back to bathe and sleep.

On 14th July, Jason’s friends arrived at 930am to help us to move. It was a challenge for them because we had tons of things to move! Our plan was actually to move the big items like the furniture and packed boxes. However, they are really kind enough to make 5 trips to and fro and they moved EVERYTHING to the new house. We really owe them a dinner as they have been a great help to us. Thanks to Eddie, Chew, Dan, Kent & Derrick!!

We are still cleaning, unpacking and setting up our new home. There will be no internet connection up for at least 14 days from now. I am now using Jason HTC to connect to the internet. My hands and legs are aching like hell and to make it worse, I couldn’t have a good night sleep since last Saturday due to night coughing. The skin on my fingers started to cracked one by one due to the all the cleaning. I have to plaster it on day time and put tons of hand crème before sleep.

I would like to specially thank Irene. She helped me to take care of Shannon’s needs during this period which kept a huge load off mind. I am really glad to have met all these new friends since 2 years ago which made life here more memorable. ^_^

OLD HOUSE @ Gujan Mestras


4 friends commented ^_^:

SAHM Discoveries said...

you are welcome...its peanuts...;p

Renee said...

Your new house looks good!!! Im coming to join you.....Wakaka!!!

Shannon's Mummy said...

@Irene - A peanut is worth S$600000 leh.... LOL

@Renee-- Serious or not.. waiting for you here... :P

Mummy to QiQi said...

must have lots to unpack and do right now. congrats to your new moving into yur new home :)