Sunday, July 12, 2009

Recovering And Moving

I hope/think Shannon had recover from the Viral Fever!!

Shannon woke up with a high fever at 40.5 degrees yesterday morning but after the fever subsided, it never came back till now. (crossed my fingers) However, I felt sick when I woke up on Friday morning and I believed that I had caught her cough virus. The symptoms are almost the same as sometimes I really coughed till I puked. I wanted to see a doctor on Saturday morning and only realised that no clinic open on weekends. :( The doctor from the hospital prescribed a cough medicine that she only requires to drink at night. I researched from the website that this medicine is to curb the itchiness in the throat and prevent puking. Thus, I "kapok" some her cough medicine and was feeling much better today.

In fact, this is wrong timing to be sick as we are busy packing and cleaning to move to another house tomorrow. The thought of moving to a bigger house with an extra room had been there since last year. We have been looking around and viewing houses since February but to invalid as either J or me didn't like the house. Last month, when we went to Laforet to check on a house, the agent suggested another house to us. We immediately went to see the exterior of the house and this time both of us love it.

Well, it reminded me when J asked me last year whether I want to move to a bigger house and my answer was:

" donwan lah, need to top up the rent leh (Our rental fees are paid by the company to a certain limit) ... unless it's a HOUSE, a standalone house that is surrounded by gardens, not terrace nor Semi D and no double storey. "

And yes, it's a house we are moving to!! A house that is surrounded by gardens. A house that come with 3 bedrooms, one enclosed kitchen, one garage and one big living cum dining area. The house is about 104msq with 400msq garden. It's about 10 minutes drive to Shannon's school. Well, we have to top up a bit but I think it is worth it as we really have no chance staying in such a house when we go back Singapore..... :P

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