Friday, July 10, 2009

Viral Fever - Day 5

This morning, she woke up with slight fever at about 38.6 degrees. This is the first time that her fever had lasted so long. After giving her fever medicine, her fever slightly subsided to 37.5 degrees. She looked much better despite of her poor appetite.

Yesterday, I was thinking of bringing her to see the PD for the 2nd time. I am worried that it was more than a viral fever. I am worried that she had UTI as her urine looked very yellowish. I am afraid that the febrile fits will hit again and moreover her cough is getting from bad to worse. She complains about the pain in her throat and had refused to drink her milk for the past 2 days. I called the PD at 11am but the clinic was closed or not yet opened. I talked to one of my friends and realised that the PD will just do a prescription for us to go to the pharmacy to get a bottle for urine and than bring it to the Lab after urine samples are collected. I called J and we decided that we would bring her to the hospital if her fever is still high in the evening.

Last night, she was grouchy after waking up from her afternoon nap. She was coughing non-stop and she was running a high fever of 39.7 degrees. I fed her with some fever medicine and took her for a shower to cool down the temp before we headed to the Hospital. As usual, fever subsided slightly by the time the doctor sees her. I hate this kind of scenario; it makes us looked like super kancheong parent who loves to visit the A&E. Shannon was behaving so active that no one believed that she was a sick child. Communication is another big problem, we told the doctor that our French was bad and she started to talk to Shannon. And Shannon went Oui Oui Oui (yes) when the doctor was pressing her body asking her whether it was painful. @_@

The doctor went out after checking her and came back half an hour later asking us to bring her for Chest X-Ray. After X-Ray, we waited for another half an hour for her blood test. They gave her Entonox to use. While she was happily breathing in and out using the Entonox, the nurses were drawing her blood. I can see she jerked her hand slightly when the needle was poked inside and she nodded her head when I asked her whether it was painful. I am surprised and proud of her cuz she didn't tear for the whole procedure but that's most probably due to the Entonox she was using.

After the blood test, the I.V value was left on her hand in case they need it later. After 15 minutes, Shannon started to cry saying that her injection site was painful and she wanted to go home. She wanted to be carried and she fell asleep after coaxing her for another 30 minutes. We waited for another hour before the doctor came back with the result. She tried to speak to us in English but we had a hard time understanding it. She asked us to continue with the fever medicines; stop the cough and throat medicine. She prescribed us another type of cough medicine which only use ONCE at night and Nasal Spray to be used twice a day. We couldn't understand her at all when we asked about the test result for the X-ray, urine and blood. We assumed that everything was alright since she let us home. The nurses came and took out the I.V. value and Shannon was crying in tears this time. She was running a high fever at 39.3 degrees when we left the Hospital.

Although it was a relieved that she was only having a Viral Fever after so many tests but I still couldn't help feeling guilty of having my dear girl to go thru all the tests. She could have skipped the entire test if we waited for another day or 2. :(

3 friends commented ^_^:

adrianlee said...

Its always tough to see our kids get sick. Hope Shannon gets well soon. Take care.

eugene said...

eventually all is well, that's the good news. i can understand the hastiness, we are all parents, how could we let the little ones suffer for another 1 to 2 days, even 1 hour to 2 hours always killing laio

take care and great weekend

Lily Ann said...

Hope Shannon gets well soon.
Hugs and kisses for her