Sunday, August 16, 2009

Assumption Day 2009

It's Assumption Day in France yesterday. As usual, we went to Archacon Beach with a group of friends for the annual Fireworks Display.

As we were early, we had a walk on the beach and took some photos with the sand scuptures we saw at the beach.

At about 7pm, we took our dinner at one of the restaurant along the beach. This was the second time we had visited this restaurant. I always wanted to go back for their food but was really disappointed this time. The food was served within 10 minutes after we placed our order which means it was kind of pre-cooked.

After dinner, we spent another 2 hours on the beach waiting for the nightfall. The kids enjoyed themselves running around and playing with the sand.. Finally at 1030pm, the fireworks started...

The show ended about 15-20minutes later and we could see that everyone stood up immediately and headed back to their car. As usual, we only managed to reached home 1 hour later due to the heavy traffic.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

My Little Helper

Bigger House means MORE Housework!!! Luckily, I have a little helper...

P.S: - She is not mopping the floor but WETTING it instead. hehehe

Monday, August 10, 2009

Our New House

Finally, we are more or less settled down in our new house. Well, still messy and more things to be done. :P

J had kind of impressed his friends with his carpentry work done in the house. As there are no built-in cabinet in the house, he had to DIY 3 cabinets with a budget. We do not want to spend too much as we might only be living here for another 2 years. I kind of love my kitchen he had done up for me too. Shannon love the new house too as she has ample space to run around. At the same time, J bought her a "princess bed" to start training her to sleep in her own room.

Overall, all of us love our new house ^_^

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Amar Circus

2 Weeks ago, we went to a Amar Circus held at Parc De Exposition La Teste. We heard from friends that this troupe has been in this field since 1924. The show is about 2.5 hrs and I love the "magic show" where the pocessors change their costumes at a glance! Take a look at the video I have uploaded and you will understand.

One of the show perform by the Acrobatic from China, Sichuan

Tiger Show

Our precious

Photos taken on that day

Some Backgrounds on Amar Circus
For its 85th anniversary, Amar circus, 1 st prize french national circus is on tour with his new show: Best Of.

With all of the acrobatic Chinese province of Sichuan as the guest of honor.

A show of more than two hours to find out among other international artists such as Christina Roy with a sail number air Beltram Duo with dual wheel air Lumei Duo, processors that change their costumes at a glance without forgetting the choreography
Arabian horses and ponies in Argentina and African elephants and very expected and Siberian tigers ovation presented by John Falck

Happy Birthday Singapore

Today is Singapore 44th Birthday. J's company had celebrated this big day in advance on 31 July 2009. There was a serious of games and competitions going on. As for the kids, there were coloring contest and J had signed Shannon up. Well, she didn't win any prize from her coloring but 3 cheers for her for finishing her artwork. ^_^