Thursday, October 15, 2009

Seasons Changing = Falling Sick

After the Lantern Festival Celebration, Shannon had fever that night and the following night. I brought her to the GP on Monday and he said she had throat inflammation. After taking medicine, her fever went away thus I brought her to her first Music Lesson on Wednesday.

The kids can only start learning piano at 5 years old in France. Thus, we can only let them go to elementary course conducted by the private music school. The course fees was 99Euro per year. They will get to know and learn to play with all kinds of musical instruments found in the school. In the later part of the lessons, they will learn about music notes and at the end of the course, the instructor will advise us which musical instrument to let the kids begin with for the next year.

Since her fever never come back after 2 days, I decided to let her go back to her school on Thursday. Well, the moment I brought her back from school, her fever shot up to 40 degrees and we went to see a PD on Friday. PD said she might have lung inflammation and ask me to observe her for another 2 days before he prescribe antibiotics for her. Her cough seems to get worse on Friday and she had high fever once a day for Friday and Saturday. Luckily, her fever didn't come back on Sunday but I decided to bring her to the PD again and this time round, he prescribed the antibiotic. After taking the antibiotic, her cough was under control and fever was gone and she resumed her 2nd lesson for Music on Wednesday and school on Thursday.

2nd Music Lesson

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Mummy to QiQi said...

eh, lots of chinese girls over there yeah!

Shannon's Mummy said...

@chinnee - ya...Over here there are about 300 over singaporean.. :P