Friday, November 6, 2009

Flying Again...

Yup, we are flying back to Singapore again to attend my sister's wedding end of November. 3 times in 2.5 years!!! This is really too much for me. Most of the wives envies me but I am not excited about going back at all. I really hate the flight journey... got to leave home at abt 5am, reach Paris at 8 and wait for connecting flight at 11, then stuck another 12 hrs in the plane. Argghh, this time J will just sent me to Bordeaux Airport only and I am going to do the transit with Shannon... Great! Of cos I can do it myself but I prefer to follow blindly behind J and do nothing...hehehe

J will be joining us in Singapore 2 weeks later as I need to help my sis with some of the wedding preparation and also sending Shannon to some "crash course". She will be 5years old in 5 mths time and she still doesn't know her ABC and Phonics well. It's common for French as they start learning ABC next year but to Singaporean, the kids are expected to know their ABC when they are going to K1 next year!!! Hopefully, she can pick up something and I can start coaching her when we are back in France.

Oh ya, whenever we tell Shannon that we are going back to Singapore, she will make sure that she will be able to come back as she regards France as her HOME. Anyway, we will be flying tomorrow and now I am already looking forward to the date to come back here again... LOL...

Shannon's Class Photos..

The French Women on the right was the Teacher Olivia and the one on the left is the Class Assistant.

We were given an folders that consists of Shannon's Photo taken in the school 3 weeks ago.