Saturday, July 21, 2007


I woke up with a very sharp pain on the left side of my neck! I couldn't even get up myself in the morning due to the pain. I didn't managed to see a doctor as Daddy forgot that the clinic open half day on Sat. ~_~

I should have taken some medicine before we go out to at least relieve the neck pain. However, we went ahead with weekly groceries shopping and reached home at 4pm. Daddy did try his best to help me with Shannon and everything he can.

Why am I having neck pain or stiff neck so often???

I really hate all this kind of neck/back/waist pain! I feel paralysed and helpless. I hate the feeling of relying on others. I missed my mum...she is the only one that I can totally rely on during this period. She will help me with everything and anything, she will make sure that I get enough rest and don't strain myself any further... I really miss her...

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caroline said...

poor Jasmine,hope that you will get better soon;-)rest well.