Sunday, July 15, 2007

Busy Busy

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It's a trolley car rented from Auchan. It cost 4 euro but the token can be reusable. Shannon simply loves it and so are we... At least we can do some grocery shopping in "PEACE" while she enjoying her driving.

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After grocery shopping, we went to Zara Kids and Kiabi to grab some clothes for Shannon...

We had our dinner at a restaurant near La Teste Du Port. I didn't really enjoyed the dinner cos the weather was a bit warm, Shannon was running non-stop and the Bolognese Spaghetti I ordered was quite a disappointment, its doesn't taste as good as 4 years ago. After dinner, we went to visit the Lam's Family. The kids enjoyed themselves riding the bicycles outside the house, hubbies chatting away with a glass of white wine and wives started our gossiping about what we had bought for our kids....blah..blah..blah... We reached home at abt 1030, bath and unpacking the groceries we bought. Finally, went to bed at 12 plus and Shannon dozed off right after her milk!


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caroline said...

hi Jasmine, nice hor now Auchan have the car trolley,why they dun have it when we were there, nice,missed shopping at Zara and Kiabi too....:'(