Thursday, July 19, 2007


Shannon was having slight fever on and off after the injection. Her flu is not getting any better after medication and her cough is getting from bad to worse. She vomited once during nap time yesterday and once at 230am last night. She seems to be better this morning thus I brought her to playgroup as scheduled.

We went HyperU after her playgroup with Serene and Damian. The kids were really having fun in the supermarket! Well, I don't see her kicking balls at home or in the garden but she really loves to do it in the supermarket. Then, she saw a walker and insisted to sit in it. (She used to sit in her walker in Singapore during dinner time at my mum's house, maybe she misses something???) I put her in and she sat quietly and happily playing with the toys on it. After about 10 minutes, a sales assistant came over and I tried to remove her from the walker. Shannon refused to get up by holding onto the toys and the sales assistant thought she was stuck in it. After much struggling, she finally relented and get out of the walker.

I bought a fish by the name of "Maigre" from the supermarket and we proceed home. Shannon dozed off in the car on the way back home. She slept for about two and half hour and woke up crying. At that moment, I was having a video conferencing with Xiaoyi and she managed to make Shannon smile by playing "peek a boo" with her and making funny faces.

Daddy came back at 6 plus and started to "handle" the fish I bought. Luckily, the steamed fish turned out to be quite nice. We usually buy fish by the name BAR and I couldn't find any today. Most of the fishes sold in the market look so fierce with sharp teeth. After wondering awhile, I set my eyes on the fish name Maigre.
I found some info on the fishes we usually eat!

The "maigre", a fish of the region
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The maigre is found in coastal water. The adult maigre is at least 50 cms long. It reproduces during May - June in the estuary of the Gironde. It is caught along the coast by fishermen from the harbours of La Rochelle, La Cotinière, in the island of Oléron, and Royan.

The maigre is little known except in the region. It is said that this typical sort of Charente-Maritime fish has flesh so fine and is so full of flavour that it compares favourably with sea bass.

Bar (French) - referring to bass in English

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A general term used for many, sometimes unrelated, fresh- and saltwater fish, many with spiny fins. More Info can be found

Haha..maybe you might find me very "boh liao" but I learned something today! They all came from the same family.....they are all bass....hehehe

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