Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Recently, Shannon got interested in looking at the MOON... Everyday she will want to go outside and find her MOON. I brought her out to cycle after dinner for the past 2 days when she asked for it.

Below are some conversations between us.

Shannon - Mummy, where Moon? Moon?
Me - It's too early now... later you will see the moon.
Shannon - Ooorhhh...

Recently she "Ooorhh" alot and "Ooorhh" at funny times....Anyway....when she sees the moon, she will go...

Shannon - Mummy!! I see "the"(mumbled) Moon.
Me - Oh! Where is the moon?

Shannon - There! High "in the"(mumbled) Sky

Then she will continue to repeat the above and mumbled to me for a while but If she can't find it....

Shannon - Mummy! Where's "the"(mumbled) moon?
Me - It's behind the clouds.
Shannon - Oh No... (looking up the sky)

Me - Don't worry, when the clouds move away, you can see the moon!

Shannon - Mummy! Moon arh..Moon arh.. where?
Me - Can you see the clouds moving?
Shannon - Yes...
Me - So, when the wind blows the clouds away, you will be able to see the moon again.
Shannon - Yes!

Shannon looking at the sky waiting for the moon to reappear...

Shannon - Mummy! Where 'the' moon?
Shannon - Mummy! I find!
Shannon - Mummy Mummy! I find it. I see "the" (mumbled) moon!
Me - Oh! You found it... You found the moon! ..

Shannon - Yes, mummy.. I see "the" (mumbled) moon..High "in the" (mumbled) sky..

Then she will start the whole thing again.... going on and on and on.....

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Jo said...

can imagine the look on her face during this conversation.... :)