Thursday, July 12, 2007

Rashes Again :(

This morning, I saw rashes all over Shannon's body. It was worse than the previous time. Sent her to playgroup and went home thinking what could have caused the rashes. Maybe it was the "Pocky" I gave her yesterday because it was left over for 2 weeks ago (I tried and it still taste good!). Or maybe it was the cheese that she ate 3 days ago? Or maybe it was the Cuppuccino Ice Cream she ate 2 days ago? Or maybe.... the list went on and on...I hate rashes! Anything can be the caused and the investigation is tough!
Anyway, I brought her to see a GP after her playgroup. She was really co-operative, she lay on the bed quietly and let the GP examine her. I hope after the vaccine next Monday, she will not be phobia to doctor! GP said that it could be RUBELLA!!! or it was just simply Allergy. He asked me to monitor her temperature and gave her medicine twice a day.

Went home straight after the visit to the GP. Gave her Medicine immediately. Awhile later, bath her and applied some cream on her rashes hoping that it will go away tomorrow.

2 friends commented ^_^:

Claire Lee Xin Yu 李欣宇 said...

Oh, poor shannon! Hope that she gets well soon. Hmm...could it be the body wash you're using on her? cause I think her skin are rather sensitive. Back then, claire also have this peeling skin problem when I used those commercial brands on her so I changed to ' QV' and so far so good. I'm using it myself and I use it on my dog as for all! HAHA

Shannon's Mummy said...

haha..her rashes faded today...phew.. i think its not something she used but something she ate.. hehe