Tuesday, July 10, 2007

A Visit to the PD

Shannon is having mild temperature since last week. I thought it was because of the weather. After a visit to the PD yesterday, we realised that her lower molar tooth is erupting. She was given some fever medicine and we also booked an appointment for the Pneumococcal Vaccine next Monday. According to the PD, Pneumococcal Vaccine was given to the French babies before 2 years old. He prescribed an Emla patch whereby it was used as a local anesthetic (i.e. for pain relief) on the skin prior to injection. We need to paste the Patch on her arm 1.5hrs before the injection.
I was too careless to miss out her teething symptoms. No wonder she was quite cranky this few weeks and always putting things in her mouth. I thought that she brought this habit back from the playgroup as I saw a handful of her French friends sucking either their thumbs or their toys. Her appetite is not really good for the past few weeks too. Hope she will feel better soon.

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Derrick Lee said...

Take Care Shannon.