Sunday, April 6, 2008

Avril's Birthday Party

Yesterday, we attended Avril's 3 year old birthday party. Avril's 2 weeks younger than Shannon. In fact, Shannon is actually the eldest among her friends who are born in 2005. When I told Shannon that we were going to Avril's Birthday Party. She went "No! It's Shannon's Birthday Party!" Hehehe
We had to explain to her again and again that she will only celebrate her birthday once a year and the next one would be next year when she's 4 years old.

J prepared "Roasted Pork" again for the party. It was a really fun party as the kids were allowed to play outside the garden as the weather was quite good. The only downside was that J was attending another gathering elsewhere thus, I had to look after Shannon alone. Moreover, there were a lot of pushing and pulling happening among the kids. So you can hear the younger kids crying from time to time.

I was quite pissed off by some of the older kids as they just bully the younger kids even when there were adults around. I tried to tell them nicely that they shouldn't push nor rush around and they replied me with 'NO NO NO' *faint.

At a point when Shannon was imitating them pushing people, I yelled at her "SHANNON, NO PUSHING! PEOPLE PUSH YOU DOESN'T MEAN THAT YOU CAN PUSH OTHERS!"
I hope the parents of the kids heard that! I am sorry but I can't let my kids grow up like them! Shannon would probably be pushing me around everyday LOL I think I will kill myself! Hahaha!

Helium Balloons? NONO.. just normal balloon sticking on the ceiling. Innovative leh!!! The helium gas for 30 small balloons cost 50plus euros!!!

The first thing after Shannon recieve the goodies bag was to put on everthing.. ;p

More photos will be uploaded once I receive it from the photographer... ;p

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JO-N said...

Children just like to imitate other children. Well, the birthday cake looks lovely.

Shannon's Mummy said...

@Jo-N - I agreed! ;p