Sunday, April 20, 2008

Singapore Trip - Day 2 3 4

Day 2

J bought Wanton Noodles for breakfast. After breakfast, we brought the old camera and BOSS player for repair. Then we went to my friend's place who specially ordered some salmon for J to eat.

While we were chatting away, the kids enjoyed the company of one another.

Day 3

We went to meet Grandma Rosie, uncle Jon and Gugu Lynette for Dim Sum Lunch @ Crystal Jade Vivo City. After lunch, we went back home for a rest and went to Jumbo restaurant for dinner to celebrate my mother's birthday. Before the dinner, we brought Shannon to the playground to play for awhile. But I was careless to leave her new shoes behind while we were rushing back to the car. J was quite pissed off for my carelessness. However, due to this carelessness, Shannon got very close to her Ah Gong. She wanted Ah Gong to carry her all the way and also to feed her dinner. After dinner, J went to Geylang to get some Rochor Soya Bean Curb and Soya Bean Milk.

Day 4

We went to J's Auntie house at 2pm. We met all his aunties, uncles and cousins for lunch. Shannon was walking up and down the staircase or playing with the dog. She also played Gugu's Nintendos handheld game for quite awhile. After the gathering, we went to tabao some Hor Fan, Hokkein Mee and Fried Chicken Wing for dinner.

Shannon pushing Elyse around.

I guess it happens all mothers when they carry other people's babies. Shannon was whining when I carried Elyse, and also asked to be carried. Weird thing is, when I don't carry Elyse, she doesn't ask to be carried. So, she MUST be jealoused. lol. She's quite cute though when she imitates us walking past Elyse to sayang her. More later.

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