Saturday, July 19, 2008

IVF - 10 Embryos Fertilized

J called the Biologist this morning and was informed that 10 out of 12 embryos were fertilized. The biologist suggested that we can wait for 4-5 days to do blastocycts transfer but I was reluctant this time due to the last experience. I do not really want to go thru the Egg Retrieval again as it was really painful. Last time, we tried to get 9 embryos to blastocycts, most of them were growing well on the 4th day but all were died on the 5th day!! I do not want to take the risk again although I am risking myself for having twins instead. However, we will call the biologist tomorrow for further instructions.

Shannon had been crying to go to Damien house these 2 days. I said NO this morning and she went to push a chair from the dining table. She said she wanted to get the keys and open the door!!! Thus I brought her over while Serene asked me go home to take more rest. Shannon stayed happily at Damien's house till 6pm and I felt really blessed to have such a helpful friend. :)

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