Thursday, July 17, 2008

IVF - Egg Retrieval

Today is the Egg Retrieval Day. Luckily, Serene (Damian's Mummy) helped us to take care of Shannon for the day. I have also arranged Irene (Avril's Mummy) to help me fetch them to Creche. Anyway, I brought her to her place at 6am and went to the fertility clinic.

We did the Admission of Hospital and waited 1.5hr my turn to do Egg Retrieval. During the waiting, J went to provide his sperm sample for the eggs. I changed and went in to the operating theatre while J waited outside. I was knocked out by anesthesia soon after.

They successfully retrieved 12 eggs from my ovaries. I was feeling very cramp-y after the Egg Retrieval. I was discharged at noon and went home straight away. J went to work at 130pm after sending me back home while I slept for the day. I was kind of regret that I din ask him to take leave because it was simply painful. The pain was something like menstruation cramp but worse then it. The process of retrieving the eggs out of my bodies has created some wind inside my tummy which makes it even painful. At some moment, I had dizzy spells while I was enduring the pain. Luckily, Serene helped me to take care of Shannon till 9pm. I coaxed her to sleep right around 10pm while I waited J to come back from work as I need to take the Progesterone Injection. Damn... the needle was thick and long but this time the injection was not as painful as the one I had few days ago. I kind of force J to confirm/see the IM injection site for the information on the website and he finally admitted that he might have hit the wrong place for the last injection. T.T

We will be calling back on Saturday morning to check how many embryos have survived and will be transferring 2 embryos either on Sunday or Monday!!

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Blessed mum said...

Hi..came here to do up the link for "Flames of Friendship Tag"..

Wish you success in the IVF...I'm sure it must be both mentally and physically stressful for you...hope to hear your good news

Ling That's Me said...

hope most of the embryos will survive. good luck!

Megan and Ryan said...

Good luck! Hope to hear good news!

Lily Ann said...
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Lily Ann said...

I admire your spirit and strength.

Wish you success and await for good news.

Shannon's Mummy said...

@ Blessed mum - Thank you for dropping by.. :D

@ ling - Thanks for the luck!

@ Seline - Yeah! Thanks!

@ Lily Ann - LOL..Thank you Thank you.. I admire your great love shown to your children too.