Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First Day Of Nursery

Shannon attended the FIRST DAY of Nursery today!!! I woke up automatically at 7am even though I set my alarm clock at 735am. Looks like Mummy was more kan cheong than the kids cos one of my friends couldn't even sleep last night.. hehehehe

I woke her up at 8am, gave her a bottle of milk then cleansed her face and brushed her teeth. We left the house about 822am and reached the school at about 835am. None of my friends were here yet! hahahaha.. They told me they will reach the school at 830am which initially I thought I will bring Shannon there when the gate is opened which will be 850am. Anyway, they all reached the school 5-10 minutes after me. Then we started to take out our camera and click click click.

We proceeded into the school after the gate was opened, checked their class teacher and proceeded to the classroom. The kids just went in straight and start playing before we put down their bags. They were all well-trained in the creche before. On the other hand, some kids were crying and struggling as usual and we even saw one Mummy crying...

The classroom and the reading area

The toilet in the classroom and the washing area?? or drinking area?? outside the classroom..

Anyway, I brought a "FRENCH" letter back home which required to us to fill up some forms. Will ask Daddy to bring to the interpreter in his office to do the translation. hehehe

After settling down, we went off for some grocery marketing and lunch at McDonald's since it was still early. We went to pick them up about 1230pm. Then the teacher told us that our kids din eat much during lunch time. Shannon told me that she loved school but disliked the lunch... LOL..

She will be attending daily Nursery except for Wednesday. The kids in France have only 4 school days per week. I will be signing up her into gym class on Tuesday which will be starting in late September. However, the systems in the preschool here now is PLAY, PLAY, PLAY and PLAY. Guess I have to buck up and do more assessment with her at home.

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abelle | Only in Silence said...

You know, Jasmine, you always fascinate me with your photographs. I wish I shoot just as good as you do ;o)

Btw, I got a tag for you ;o)

Mummy to QiQi said...

so nice Shannon's nursery. i also wanna go!!

Health Freak Mommy said...

I love Shannon's preschool. It looks spacious, very clean and conducive. The toilet is even sparkling clean, unlike the ones here that are always wet and stinky. Wow, if only my gals' preschool had gym classes too!

Bengbeng said...

another milestone in a child's life. the part abt going to find a translator for filling up forms is bit of a bother though. in Sibu here, they call it playschool but they have a syllabus which is so extensive that it is actually stressful. by the time they reach kindergarten, they have learned the basics of reading, writing n counting.

Bengbeng said...

please send the virtal jasmine tea hahaahaha

Shannon's Mummy said...

@Abelle - nah.. I need lots of improvement.. ;p

BTW, thanks for the tag

@chinneeq - hehe.. come come! ;p

@health freak mummy - :) ya.. the preschool here is nice and clean. Oh, the gym class is from other place.. hehehe

@bengbeng - :) yup.. another milestone. But there is no syllabus, no cirriculum, nothing here. Thats really stress me out when she go back Singapore 2-3 years later.