Monday, September 8, 2008

Making Mooncake


We happily bought the lotus paste and mooncake mould from Singapore in May and realised that we didn't get all other ingredients like fried glutinious rice flour, alkaline water, shortening flour, golden/mooncake syrup, Hong Kong flour etc etc!! I simply thought it was easy.. silly me!!

When I was going to turn the mooncake into Lotus Pau, J and some friends helped to get some alkaline water, shortening flour and Hong Kong Flour from some Singaporeans who were selling Mooncake here.

Last Thursday, I got some of my friends to my house to make some Traditional mooncake. We got ambitious and tried to do the Snowskin Mooncake even without the correct flour..

The biggest problem we had was wrapping the BIG portion of lotus paste into a very small dough. In the end, we just ignore what the recipe instructed and tried our best to squeeze the lotus paste into a bigger portion of dough.

To cut the story short, I will just show how our mooncakes looked like.

Verdict is - ...Traditional Mooncake is Edible... Snowskin Mooncake was kind of failed project cos we still can taste the flour in the snowskin.

Hmm.. I think I will just go and buy from those Singaporean who are selling one for $5-7 euros/mooncake.

8 friends commented ^_^:

renet13 said...

Wow you so clever lah can make mooncake..if you can do this once a year and be good at it ah..then the one month sale can last you the whole year hoh? That's what some restaurant people do..even the Chung festival. Big bucks to make man! Good job. I oni good at eating mooncakes. He He He!

Health Freak Mommy said...

You are so ambitious to try making mooncakes. I dont think I will ever try making mooncakes. Tough job!

Bengbeng said...

i agree with renet13. u master the skill n u will make a fortune where u live


when reading other bloggers blog about making their own mooncakes,it sure looks easy but i know i shall never try it .. just buy some and enjoy it.

JO-N said...

I dare not even think of making mooncake myself. Good of you to try.

Princesses Mummy said...

wow......what a brave try!
it looks good to me ;)
ya,if can master the skill then big $$ rolling in liao,hahaha....

Shannon's Mummy said...

@Renet13 - LOL.. not making to sell lah.. don have the skill

@health freak mommy - hahahaha...I wouldn't have try it if I am in Singapore.

@bengbeng - Wah! Make a living.. I am simply just too lazy..hehehe

@family first - hahaha.. if I am in singapore, i can't be bother to make too.. ;p

@jo-n - hehehe.. tyty don need to make lah, its readily available there!

@Caroline - hahaha.. tyty I am lazy lah..

jojo said...

Haha...Now then I know the mooncakes I made few years back are considered good liao. :P