Sunday, September 21, 2008

A Visit To St. Emilion And Dune De Pyla

J's relatives was here last Friday, thus we brought them to St. Emilon for a tour.

St. Emilion is a wine of great tradition, already famous as far back as the Gallon-Roman period. The vines grow all around the town thus we can see vineyards everywhere. We went to a family owned vineyard for a tour. The owner was a very nice person who tells lots of jokes and performs several magic tricks while he was explaining the various stages involved in the vinification process. We got to taste his 1996 wine too.

After visiting St. Emilion, we drove back to our place and brought them to Dune De Pyla for a visit.

First, we have to take the looonnnnggg looooonnngg stairs up to the Sand Dune.

The Great Dune De Pyla is the largest Sand Dune in Europe. The dune is about 60,000,000 m³, measuring around 500m wide (from East to West) by 3km long (from North to South). Its height varies from 100 to 117 metres above sea level.

I have been up there for quite a numbers of times. However, yesterday was the FIRST time that I came down after I reached the top for less than 10 minutes. I haven finish "chuan-ing" panting hahahahaha

Anyway, instead of taking the stairs, we went down like this...

Auntie Beverly and Uncle Geroge left this morning. J brought them for a short walk in Bordeaux before boarding the train to Paris. I hope Auntie Beverly and Uncle had enjoyed their short stay with us. ^_^

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