Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A War With HFMD

Yes, Shannon was confirmed a HFMD victim by PD yesterday morning. Her ulcers in her mouth were really bad. She almost refused to eat/drink everything including her milk. She survived on 2 -3 bottles of cold barley water yesterday. We gave her "porridge water", macaroni soup and soft biscuit (baby bites), sweets, chocolate milk (no choice) even her favorite ice-cream but she just took one sip/mouth and complained the pain in her mouth. We even put ice into every drink or literally put her food into the fridge before feeding her but still she refused to eat. Whenever we tried to put some ulcer cream into her mouth, she would scream and cried like hell.

She simply just keep her mouth shut as much as possible and when she talked, she sound like someone who had "big tongue"... for example, I don't want to eat become I ko want oo eee. We knew she was hungry because she always checked out what we were eating but the pain in her mouth had shut her off.

She would wake up from her sleep and cried to say her mouth is painful. Daddy and I were feeling really heart pain and worried. Daddy even took a day off just to be with her. But it become kind of a nuisance to me because he kept telling me that Shannon is hungry, she din drink her milk and tried his means to coax and put food in her mouth which caused alot of whining from her. ;p

Today, she looks better but still refused her milk. I made some Jelly and cooked a new pot of barley water and put it into the fridge. She refused to eat the Steamed Egg I cooked but luckily, she ate 3/4 bowl of the Tiny Alphabet Macaroni I cooked for her this afternoon. She kept choosing which Alphabet to eat and I have to stir and looked for the alphabet she wanted. It’s kind of troublesome but I am willing to do that as long she eats.

The rashes on her hands and legs were still not really prominent but the rashes on her butts were bad. We actually saw her limping when walking which we suspect that the rashes on her foot are getting bad as well.

Last night right after she fell asleep, I did a"5 minutes suggestion" on her which I learnt it few years ago during her Shichida Class. I will faithfully do it these few nights and hopefully she will recover soon.

5 friends commented ^_^:

adrian said...

I do hope she gets well soon.

buffysim said...

Nyx had some rashes on her butt and thighs too but they all subsided within two days. Really hope Shannon recovers fast too.

Megan and Ryan said...

poor shannon, hope she recovers soon!
btw, adults can get infected too, please take care of yourself.

Shannon's Mummy said...

@ Adrian, Dawn & Selina - Thanks!!

Shannon's Mummy said...

@ Adrian, Dawn & Selina - Thanks!!