Monday, March 23, 2009

Happy Birthday, Shannon!!!

Today, our dear precious Shannon turns 4. As usual, we had a birthday celebration for her and it was held yesterday.

We started preparing the food on Saturday and woke up at 7am yesterday morning to cook the food. J was in charge of the Roasted Pork and Cha Siew while I fried the rice, Bee Hoon, Vegetables and deep fried the fishballs, hotdogs, nuggets, Ngoh Hiang and Longon Jelly. We bought some cold prawns, oysters and Roti Poulet(Grilled Chicken) to complete the buffet. Frankly speaking, we are quite amazed that we did all that ourselves. :P (anyone needs food catering?)

We were quite disappointed when we saw the cake. The decoration of the cake wasn't per our request. We even gave them the picture below and thought that they will do something similar

I had specially purchased the 3 princess topper online to put on the cake as the cake decoration over here are really normal. Luckily, the cake tasted really good so we weren't so pissed off ^_^

Our dearest Shannon was dressed like a princess and looked really happy during the celebration. The following 2 slides are photos taken during the party. Thanks Eddie for being the photographer of the day.

I would also like to thank all our friends for the gifts and for attending, making the party so memorable.

5 friends commented ^_^:

Something About Us said...

Shannon looks so beautiful !!

Happy birthday little princess :)

buffysim said...

wah the cake sure looks different from what you ordered hor? Nevertheless, it did taste good and the food you painstakingly prepared was awesome!We really enjoyed ourselves that day.

De'Little Ones said...

She looks so beautiful and very happy. How lucky she is! I love all the foods there. Too bad cannot eat them. LOL

Lily Ann said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Princess Shannon!
Wishes for magical moments and happiness ever after.

Mummy to QiQi said...

make all those (roast pork, cha siu) by yurself?? how?? wah.....

the cake is too decorative as compare to the pic u given to them. agree with you, i feel it looks too complicated. *saved your cake pic* for qiqi's coming birthday* , hehe