Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Photos Taken for the past few months

One sunny saturday, we decided to bring Shannon for a swim at La Teste Indoor swimming pool but only realised that the swimming pool was closed as it was damaged by the storm few months ago. Thus, we went for a Mac Donald Breakfast and met Serene Leong and decided to go for cycling at Archacon.

One fine afternoon, we brought the kids to Macdonald for lunch after their school and Shannon met her first "boyfriend". Initially, the boy was pretending to be a monster chasing the girls around but later turn to kiss them on their cheeks. Avril shoved him off but Shannon allowed him to kiss her on the cheeks. @_@ After that, they started to hold hand and played together. Then the boy brought Shannon to his mummy and told her that they are married. -_-'

Back to Gym Class. This was the first time she attending the gym with her friends. And we parent sat outside and chat for an hour...LOL

Back to her Dancing Class. Shannon was really happy to wear her Ballerina Costumes. I hope she can catch up all the dancing steps before the performance in June.

Hehehe.. This "Lou Hay" photo should be up long time ago...

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