Monday, June 22, 2009

Annual Dance Performance 2009

At last, Shannon had her first ever Dance Performace at L'Olympia last Saturday after practicing for 4 months. We arrived L'Olympia at 730pm and the queue to the theatre had already started. I got J to queue up as the tickets were free-seating while I brought Shannon to the backstage. The helper changed her into her first costume and I snapped some photos before I joined J.

The performance started at 9pm. After watching for about half an hour, it was finally Shannon's & Avril's group to perform. ^^ I got kind of emotional at one moment that I feel like tearing to see my baby's first performance... ;p

She looked so smiley and proud when she made her entrance. The moment she spotted me among the seated audience, she looked so excited and was slightly distracted and I got to remind her using my hand gestures to get her to continue with the dance. ^^

This was her second dance. Though it was a short one but we still could see that she was really enjoying the performance. The kids were all so cute but could be better if they faced the audience more often.. hehehehe.. they were actually constantly looked at the instructor who was hiding behind the stage dancing with them.

Snapshots captured from the videos.

I am really really proud of her! This baby dance group was supposed to start at 4.5 years old but the instructor allowed us to enrol them at 3.5 years old. In fact, she only practice for 4 months which was less than 16 times becuz of the HFMD quarantine last October and we went back Singapore for almost 4 months after the quarantine. I believe she will do so much better for the dance performance next year.

Her dancing classes ceased as the Summer holiday arrived. We will be enrolling her for modern dance and ballet dance this coming September. The dancing fees over here is much cheaper as compared to Singapore. How I wish I could stay here for a longer period of time. :P

The following are some photos taken during the Performance and a video of the Finale Dance of the night.

The Dancing Instructor who did all the choreography for the 3 hours performance.

5 friends commented ^_^:

Lily Ann said...

Jasmine, I teared when I saw the videos, I felt like I was looking at my children performing.
I know that moment of joy & pride you felt when you see your lil' Shannon on stage.
We don't know if our kids will dare to perform on stage when they're older so treasure that moment. And especially so when they look so cute in the costumes now.

Mummy to QiQi said...

she looks so cute in all her dancing dress la..

Benghui said...

I like the videos. When I was small I danced too.

Megan and Ryan said...

bravo Shannon! well done! I love your bangs :)

Lydia said...

All the little kids so cutee!
Especially Shannon. <3
Saw the video and pictures. Hahahaha.
Looking Pretty and cute in their tuutus.