Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween 2009

We brought Shannon to Auchan for a free face painting in the afternoon to attend a Halloween gathering at our friend's house. She was so excited when she saw the booth and requested for a purple butterfly to be painted on her face. We taught her how to say "Purple Butterfly" in french and she started to recite "Papillon Violet" when she was queing up for her turn. Hehe

After the face painting, we tried to look for a costume for her because I didn't really see any that fancy me previously. As it was the day of Halloween, all the costumes had almost sold off, thus I decided to go home and dressed her up with whatever we had at home. :P

In the end, I used our Chinese Qipao bought during Chinese New Year. I pinned a few spiders on her clothes, tied a long devil's tail on her waist, put on a devil hairband and messed up her hair. Voila! A Devil in a Chinese Qipao...LOL

After taking some food at the gathering, we brought the kids to neighours' house for Tricks or Treat. The first house visit was a disappointment as the french neighour literally ignore us. However, we continued to look for other neighours and decided to visit our Singaporeans' neighbour instead. Well, after visiting a few houses, we decided to go back as the streets were really dark and quiet. We distributed the sweets to the kids and let the kids played in the garden instead.

Overall, we had great fun that night. This is the first time that I really dress Shannon up for Halloween night and I can see that she enjoyed the night too. ^^

2 friends commented ^_^:

Bengbeng said...

it looks so fun. instead of frightening, she looks even more cute hehe.

Zara's Mama said...

Wow.. Halloween is celebrated big time!

Like her face painting.