Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sleeping By Herself

We bought this bed for Shannon upon her request sometimes in August. J wanted wean off the co-sleeping and asked her to choose a bed that she love. And she chose the above which cost almost SGD 1 K!!!

I remember the first day she slept on her bed, she actually went up and down the bed for a few times finding excuses of washing hands or need to pee. After about spending 2 hours in her room, she decided to sleep with us and told us that she is too young to sleep by herself. (LOL)

Then J and myself take turns to sleep with her in her bedroom for a few times. After she fell asleep, we would go back to our room but she will definitely joined us in our bed if she woke up in the middle of the night. I am fine with it as I feel that she would definitely wanted to sleep by her own when she grows up so I should treasure this moments. However, we constantly remind her that we would give away her precious bed since she is not sleeping it.

3 days ago, when all of us was about to sleep, she suddenly said that she wanted to sleep in her princess bed. We left her in her room with the door open and the toilet's light shining in her room and went back to our room. And TADA, she successfully fell asleep and even she woke up in the morning to pee, she will go back to her bed and continue to sleep.

Last night, she fell asleep in the living rooms and we have no way to carry her up the bed and thus she slept with us again. She said that she will go back to her bedroom tonight and I hope she mean it.. hehehehe

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