Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Gym Activities

The gym activities are getting more and more interesting. There are different activities almost every week. All the kids and mummy really enjoyed the class on Tuesday. Below were some of the activities played.

The blocks are for the kids to walk or run in the zigzag manner

They were supposed to jump onto the hula hood but Shannon was still not confidence to jump at that height. Brayden and Zavier can jump very well!!

Look at her "Hao Lian" look when she jumped down! :P

They were supposed to walk on the "feet" shape provided.

Walking on the bench. She was still not confidence walking without balancing one hand on the wall.

Walking with one feet on each long block. Shannon can do this balancing very well. :)

Walking up and down with obstacles.

This scene was cute. Every kids were given an exercise ball to push into the room.

The kids were pushing the ball up and down at given "cicuit" or "route"

Then we were supposed to roll the kids on the ball but Shannon don't want to participate.


The kids would run or walk around when the music starts. When the music stop, we carried them on our lap and bounced on the ball. Oh! The kids love it!

The kids would run or walk when the music starts. When the music stop, they will lie down on the towel and we will pull them.


Another favourite time for the kids. When the gym instrutor said bye to the kids. Shannon dashed to the changing room and said " Mummy, cookies"

More Photos...I simply love to take photos for the happy kids. :)

6 friends commented ^_^:

Mummy to QiQi said... shiok to attend such activities. seeing u are really enjoying yourself there la....

Ling That's Me said...

I also love to take photos of lovely n happy kids! In fact, I snap regularly.

Too bad I dont post it on the open blog. I wld love to share with u ! :)

Sarah said...

Hi Jasmine

Great pics you've taken, as always. Btw, which camera are you using?

mumsgather said...

What fun! For kids as well as mummy rite? Wish I have the chance to attend such activities with my little lovelies. :)

JO-N said...

That's really nice, letting the kids work out and use their energy positively to their benefit. Where to find something like that in Malaysia?

Shannon's Mummy said...

@chineeq - hehe..sometimes lah.. life can be boring too..:P

@ling - Hey! You can send photos of your cuties to my email :P

@Sarah- Oh..Thanks! But still need lots of improvement. I am using Canon Powershot A640.

@mumsgather - Yes! I enjoyed because I feel that my girl is happily enjoying. :)

@jo-n - I think Malaysia should have this kind of gym activities. Singapore got a few but it was quite expensive.