Thursday, December 13, 2007

Paris - Day 1

Luggage was packed on Thursday night and we woke up 5am on Friday morning to catch our train at 625am. We walked to the train station at 6am and while I was walking, I realised the rubber heels of my boots were like getting thinner and thinner. J had to run back to the house to get my track shoes for me as he think that it wouldn't last till Paris. He reached the train station puffing and panting 5 minutes before the train arrived. I was so worried that he will give me a good scolding when he settled down but luckily he didn't. *Phew* ^_^'

We had our breakfast we prepared this morning on the train and you can see that Shannon was really happy traveling on the train. We changed to TGV at Bordeaux train station and continued our journey to Paris. We had to force Shannon to sleep as she woke up very early that morning. She woke up half an hour before the train reached Paris.

We reached my sister's hotel at 11plus. When Shannon saw her Eryi, she stood there for awhile. Luckily when we asked her to hug her, she promptly ran into her arms. :) After some chatting, we proceed to lunch at nearby Vietnamese restaurant for the Mee Poh Da. Shannon loves the Kuay Tiao Soup that Daddy was having.

After lunch we proceed to Champs-Elysees as my sis wanted to buy some products from Sothy Store.

While we were walking, it started to rain. Then sis told me her friend asked her what is the different between Shower and Rain. Her answer to her friend was

Shower goes ... SHA SHA SHA....STOP ... SHA SHA SHA.. and
Rain means non-stop raining.

And while we were walking, I realised that she was right with the SHA SHA SHA thingy. Shannon fell asleep in her stroller while we continued searching for the Sothy's store. Then we realised we were on the wrong track and the shower started to get heavier and heavier. We started to walk back and she finally got her Sothy products for about $20-$40 cheaper over here.

We took some photos along Champs-Elysees and went back to take our dinner at the restaurant near her hotel.

After dinner, we went back hotel as it was still raining.

6 friends commented ^_^:

Judy said...

Wah, I haven't had time to visit for a few weeks, looks like your daughter really shot up. Was it my imagination?
Nice photos.

KopiSoh said...

Looks really beautiful dis time of the year hor? Wish i was there....

Ling That's Me said...

I bet little Shannon must hv enjoyed herself :)

Shannon's Mummy said...

@ Judy - Ya.. miss you too. Think she grow up abit.. coming to three loh...

@ Kopisoh - Beautiful and freezing... winter is approaching somemore.. I wish I am in states instead cos things are much cheaper there. :p

@ ling - I believe she enjoyed herself especially the disney trip and meeting her yiyi. :P

Mummy to QiQi said...

that pretty yiyi is your sis?? so pretty!!! And paris is so beautiful!!
Wah....700 photos from your disneyland trip?? luckily now we only took digital photos!!

Shannon's Mummy said...

@ chinneeq - yeah.. my 2nd younger sis.. unbelievable hor... Her eyes so big!!! And Yes you are right, luckily we are using digital camera now.. or else "pok gai" hehe