Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I am Sick

Yeah.. after jet-lagging with dear girl.. I started to feel sick. Yesterday, my whole body ached, I felt feverish and kind of had diarrhea. I could wake up 3 times in the middle of the night to go to poo. This morning, I woke up feeling much better without body aches but diarrhea still continued. Well despite that, we decided to go out for some shopping.

Shannon sitting on BUS 302. She wanted to alight everytime when the bus stopped.

No Eating & Drinking On MRT! Hmm.. drink milk can or not?

At the Koi Garden, happily feeding the Kois

Her Happy Kiddy Ride.. Yeah.. cheap here.. she can sit everytime she spot one ;p

We took a bus, then a MRT to CityHall and walked to Suntec City. We went to the Suntec Koi Garden and bought a packet of fish food for Shannon to feed them. After that, we went to Toy'Rus and bought some toys for her again...

Yummy Pepper Crabs

In the evening, we went for dinner with her GongGong and MaaMaa at Long Beach located at Demsey Road. The food was delicious and Shannon enjoyed their company. After dinner, we went to GongGong's house and they played happily together. My fever came up after the dinner and J had a bad rash on his foot. Before it gets worse, I think we will visit the GP tomorrow.

Brought Shannon to Cycle at the void deck. Pic 2 - Elyse trying on the oversized tricycle. ;p

Monday, April 21, 2008

Jet Lag

Shannon has been having "Jet lag" since we returned to Singapore three days ago. She still lives her life as though she's following the France clock. She can sleep 3 times a day and drag till 4am before she fall asleep at night. We tried to change her sleeping schedule but she can still wake up in the middle of the night and start making noise till 4am. I felt so sick after having to endure her jet lag with her. This morning, I woke up aching everywhere. In the end, I chose to stay at home instead of following J to Sim Lim Square. Anyway, I really don like to go to that place as I will be handling Shannon by myself while J is happily shopping away.

.............. I'M SO TIRED!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Singapore Trip - Day 2 3 4

Day 2

J bought Wanton Noodles for breakfast. After breakfast, we brought the old camera and BOSS player for repair. Then we went to my friend's place who specially ordered some salmon for J to eat.

While we were chatting away, the kids enjoyed the company of one another.

Day 3

We went to meet Grandma Rosie, uncle Jon and Gugu Lynette for Dim Sum Lunch @ Crystal Jade Vivo City. After lunch, we went back home for a rest and went to Jumbo restaurant for dinner to celebrate my mother's birthday. Before the dinner, we brought Shannon to the playground to play for awhile. But I was careless to leave her new shoes behind while we were rushing back to the car. J was quite pissed off for my carelessness. However, due to this carelessness, Shannon got very close to her Ah Gong. She wanted Ah Gong to carry her all the way and also to feed her dinner. After dinner, J went to Geylang to get some Rochor Soya Bean Curb and Soya Bean Milk.

Day 4

We went to J's Auntie house at 2pm. We met all his aunties, uncles and cousins for lunch. Shannon was walking up and down the staircase or playing with the dog. She also played Gugu's Nintendos handheld game for quite awhile. After the gathering, we went to tabao some Hor Fan, Hokkein Mee and Fried Chicken Wing for dinner.

Shannon pushing Elyse around.

I guess it happens all mothers when they carry other people's babies. Shannon was whining when I carried Elyse, and also asked to be carried. Weird thing is, when I don't carry Elyse, she doesn't ask to be carried. So, she MUST be jealoused. lol. She's quite cute though when she imitates us walking past Elyse to sayang her. More later.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Journey & Day 1

Early in the morning at 5AM, we set off to Bordeaux Airport and took a shuttle flight to Paris. I was very alert even though I barely slept due to much excitement.

These are pictures taken halfway through the short journey when we spotted beautiful sunrise.

On the plane, Shannon was happy and excited.

We reached Paris Airport at about 8am and found a place to "rot" for 3 hours. It was really a boring 3 hours. Luckily, Shannon and Damien entertained themselves either running around the compound or watching the "soundless" DVD player. Finally 3 hours passed and we boarded the 13 hours flight towards Singapore!

Shannon was considered quite co-operative during the long flight although she only slept for about 3-4 hours. She was either watching the cartoons or eating the snacks we brought. J watched about 5 movies onboard and I watched 3 of it. Finally, I got to watch "Enchanted" and it was really a nice movie.

We reached Singapore at about 7am and were really dead tired. The plans we made earlier were all cancelled. We picked up the car from my FIL and brought Shannon to the GP at Fajar Shopping Centre. While waiting for our turn, we went for Breakfast at the Kopitiam. Surprisingly, the stall owner of the fishball noodles and Laksa waved at us. In fact, we both wanted fishball noodles but I decided to patronize the Laksa stall. OMG... the fishballs were damn soft and Q... I have been eating frozen "rubber fishballs" for the past 1 year!!! While we are eating, we let Shannon played the kiddy ride again and again cause it's only 20 cent per ride in Singapore while we need SGD2.00 in France. We bought ourselves some daily neccessities and proceeded to the Clinic. We spent $42 at the clinic with 4 medicine prescribed for Shannon and went straight home for a nap.

After she woke up, we brought her down to the playground and she was happliy sweating away. Her Grandma, Grandpa and all the yiyis' were so happy to see her back. They hugged and kissed her when they saw her. She seems to remember xiaoyi the most as they webcam almost everyday. She wanted Xiaoyi to carry her around when we were doing some shopping at Lot 1. At night, she even wanted to sleep with Xiaoyi instead of ME!! ;p

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

One Day Before Departure

Shannon is still quite sick.. sigh.. She is having mild fever accompanied with cough and running nose for the past few days. I am having some cough as well as J. Hopefully, the virus will go away soon... Or else, how to enjoy all the good food back home?

We will back for 3 weeks and will reach France on the 11 May 08. I will still update my blog once awhile.. ;p

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Counting Down...

We are going back Singapore on coming Wednesday!!!!

5 more days to go and I have already packed the luggage, getting ready to go home!!! Oh, I miss my family and friends back home and of cos the delicious hawker food. We have already planned TO DO LIST on our first day of arrival.

First, we will pick up a car from my FIL and go for breakfast at Tiong Bahru Market. After that, J will send his BOSS player and O2 and old camera for repair. Then we will packed our lunch and go back my mum's house. After lunch, we shall take a nap to replenish our energy etc.. etc...

I hope Shannon will recover from her flu and cough by Wednesday. I bet she caught the flu during Avril's Birthday Party as she was playing in garden with cold wind blowing. Most probably, she caught the cough virus from her father who is sick last week and still not recovered now. Nagging J to take his medicine became a daily routine. Come on! Be responsible and take care of yourself. I am putting all the blames on him because he is not taking good care of himself.

Anyways, I hope that they will be fully recovered by Wednesday.

Drawing A Face

I am so surprised when I looked at her drawing yesterday. She actually drew a face!! Well, its not a pretty face but a cute face. First of all, she drew a circle, then 2 eyes with EYEBALLS, a nose, a smiling mouth, 2 ears and 2 hand. Well.. the ears look like the hand and the hand looks like the legs. hehehe I am going to preserve this drawing and show it to her when she is older. ;p

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Avril's Birthday Party

Yesterday, we attended Avril's 3 year old birthday party. Avril's 2 weeks younger than Shannon. In fact, Shannon is actually the eldest among her friends who are born in 2005. When I told Shannon that we were going to Avril's Birthday Party. She went "No! It's Shannon's Birthday Party!" Hehehe
We had to explain to her again and again that she will only celebrate her birthday once a year and the next one would be next year when she's 4 years old.

J prepared "Roasted Pork" again for the party. It was a really fun party as the kids were allowed to play outside the garden as the weather was quite good. The only downside was that J was attending another gathering elsewhere thus, I had to look after Shannon alone. Moreover, there were a lot of pushing and pulling happening among the kids. So you can hear the younger kids crying from time to time.

I was quite pissed off by some of the older kids as they just bully the younger kids even when there were adults around. I tried to tell them nicely that they shouldn't push nor rush around and they replied me with 'NO NO NO' *faint.

At a point when Shannon was imitating them pushing people, I yelled at her "SHANNON, NO PUSHING! PEOPLE PUSH YOU DOESN'T MEAN THAT YOU CAN PUSH OTHERS!"
I hope the parents of the kids heard that! I am sorry but I can't let my kids grow up like them! Shannon would probably be pushing me around everyday LOL I think I will kill myself! Hahaha!

Helium Balloons? NONO.. just normal balloon sticking on the ceiling. Innovative leh!!! The helium gas for 30 small balloons cost 50plus euros!!!

The first thing after Shannon recieve the goodies bag was to put on everthing.. ;p

More photos will be uploaded once I receive it from the photographer... ;p

Visiting of Minister Teo Chee Hean

Minister Teo Chee Hean visited Cazaux Airbase last Friday. We were very honored to be there to welcome his arrival. But Shannon wasn't co-operative during the entire event. She wanted to be carried and refused to walk around. We certainly had quite a hard time entertaining her. I had to carried her away during Minister Teo was having his speech as she was screaming away. ;p