Thursday, August 21, 2008

A New Toy

J bought a new toy for Shannon! It's a Dora Scooter!!!

We din get it last year as we found that she was too young for it.. We totally forgot about this scooter until we saw one at Avril's house few weeks ago. She fell right in love with Avril's scooter and refused to let go of the scooter even when she was actually playing with another toy .

She was so happy when she saw the scooter and gave Daddy a big kiss and a big hug!!!

5 friends commented ^_^:

Health Freak Mommy said...

Hahaha... Shannon looked so cute riding on the scooter round and round the living room. I like her huge toy house too!

buffysim said...

aiyoh she looked so happy!Shannon is one very very lucky girl =) Such wonderful loving parents.

Bengbeng said...

sharon is so fortunate but more fortunate is her daddy to get such a lovely show of appreciation :)

renet13 said...

Such a loving gesture photo of ger ger hugging n kissing the daddy. she sure is having a dora whale of a fun time with the new play toy.

Shannon's Mummy said...

@health freak mommy - hehehe..thank you :)

@dawn - thank you :) You are a wonderful mummy too.

@bengbeng - :) too bad the photo shakes ..

@renet13 - hahaha.. u r right!