Saturday, August 23, 2008

True Princess

Few days ago, Shannon discovered some of the old "toys" that she used to chuck aside. She took out everything and called me into the room.

Shannon: Mummy Mummy Come
Shannon: I found my watch!

Me: Great! You found it!
Shannon: See See, another one. All Shannon's watch. I love my watch
Shannon: Mummy, What is this?
Me: This is a crown.
Shannon: What is this (these)?
Me: These are a bracelets, ring, necklaces and shoes

She slipped in the ring on her pointer finger and said

Mummy, I want wear necklace, bracelets and crown.

I put on one necklace for her and she showed me another one and insisted to put it on as well. After that, she proceeds on wearing her shoes and turns to me and said.

Mummy, Shannon turns into a TRUE PRINCESS!!!

MUAHAHAHAHAHAH... she extracted this sentence from one of the Dora the Explorer episode.
Then, she walked around with her shoe creating the kitkit katkat noisy sound. After awhile...

Shannon: Oh dear...Mummy, look at my shoe! Spoilt... Mummy, use sticky tape to fix it

I was reluctant cos the sole of the shoe broke into 2 pieces and it will break again even if I stick it back. However, I did it for her as she was like nagging away like an old lady. Happily, she put on her shoe again and less than 5 minutes, the other shoe also gave way. :( I used some scotch tape to stick it back again and she start dancing away....

Now, she wanted to wear a dress everyday and put on all the barang barang walking and dancing around the house. Wahahahahaha

4 friends commented ^_^:

Health Freak Mommy said...

Muahahaha.... Shannon is so funny and cute!

renet13 said...

very d cute leh...future ballroom dancer, huh? Better still if got Prince Charming to dance with her, hoh?

Bengbeng said...

Princess dance in a true royal style. This video n post is priceless. All the more important for her to remember this moment in her life in the future

Shannon's Mummy said...

@health freak mommy - hehehe.. she is :D

@renet13 - hahaha.. prince charming.. too early lah..

@bengbeng - yeah! Priceless!!