Friday, September 19, 2008

Kids Yoga

We had a Trial Yoga Session for Kids on Wednesday. It was held by Dawn who have been practicing Yoga for years. Most of the kids were having fun, imatating what dawn was doing, but however, some of the kids were too young to concentrate and still not able to listen to instructions. Thus, that was their first and last lesson. We would probably be back begging Dawn to teach them in a years' time because of its benefits!

Below is adapted for clearer reference!

Yoga, adapted for pre-school children, develops body awareness, language, good listening skills, cooperation and powers of observation. It teaches pre-school children about nature, their environment and inspires their imaginations. It prepares them for breathing techniques used in yoga. They learn by playing, singing, moving and imitating.

Hmmm... one day my girl would be like this too ..hehehe BTW this is Dawn, the Yoga Instructor :P I took up the adult yoga too but too bad I need to stop as I have other plans.

3 friends commented ^_^:

renet13 said...

Dawn's post has inspired me to take up YOGA . BTW where do I find Kids Yoga instructor in Perak, Malaysia?

buffysim said...

I had a good time with the kids that day too. Many thanks Jas for taking those pics ;)

Shannon's Mummy said...

@renet13 - LOL.. hmmm you have to chk it out for the instructor in Perak. :)

@Dawn - no problem. we had a great time too